Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh no she di-int !!..... :)

So over the last year, the hubby has been asking me over and over again for something. Something no God fearing, respectable woman EVER wants to hear. EVER!
I want a recliner.
Yeah you read that right. A recliner.
Now I don't know about you, but this is where my selective hearing steps in. Until this week.
You see my sweet hubby has had 2 back surgeries and is unfortunately on his way to a 3rd:(
Sooo I did what any God fearing, respectable woman would do.
Head to LA Z BOY.
 Ooooh!! Welcome to recliner heaven! said no woman ever:(
 Look at him. He was LOVING it. Look at his sleepy eyes!!
Check out that grin. And that remote.....  
 Then there was Brutus. Yeah, this chair has a name. And it fits. It was HUGE!!
At this point I had hives. And needed a barf bag.
 Then in the deepest darkest depths of my recliner hell, an angel appeared.
An angel dressed up like a salesman named- Joshua Mason.
He totally got me. He immediately sensed my pain.
 I'm sure my crossed arms, rolling eyes and frowny face weren't a dead giveaway....
 After the sound of the Hallelujah chorus faded and I could actually pay attention to Joshua, he explained to me that there were other options! Wait. What???
I followed the glow from  Joshua's halo as he led me to this chair:)
The Riley:)
Yes ladies, it's a recliner. And I ordered 2:)
And how bout this sweet fabric! Got 2 down lumbar pillows out of it:)
I guess what I'm trying to say here ladies is- have Faith.
There is a GOD!!! :)


  1. It's the opposite in my house...I'm the one who wants a recliner!! But it's so hard to find one that doesn't look like one! THANKS for post this one today.

  2. I laughed out loud when I read your post! My man wants a recliner too and so far I have avoided the BRUTUS shopping trip. Love the recliners you picked up and I think your one lucky woman to have a man that settled on such a good looking chair. :)

  3. Great choice! I have to say... you had me about halfway through! I kept trying to imagine Brutus fitting into your home in any way! You do have mad skills...but that had me concerned ;) Hope your hubby's back surgery goes smoothly- sorry to hear that.

  4. Requests for a recliner are growing louder and more frequent since christmas when my husband saw two other guys in the family get something of the brutus variety! Oh yes, I have seen my future in your post. Good for you for pulling it off in comfort and style!

  5. Oh.....my.....gawd!!!!! I am RIGHT there with ya honey! I would DIE if I had one of those putrid looking recliners in my house (at the beginning of your post). Thank GOD you were able to find some that were a. smaller, b. prettier, c. actually stylish, and d. don't look like a recliner AT ALL. I'm more of a chair and ottoman girl with pretty slipcovers. I will keep your chairs in mind if I ever have to get one. Hilarious post by the way! We are SO connected!!!!

  6. Thank God Joshua was able to guide you to something more attractive!!!!! I would have never guessed that cute little green chair was a recliner.....and those little pillows are so perfect too!

  7. Oh sweet Riley...love it! You are just took funny!

  8. I am WITH you, Sister. When I read the word 'recliner' I actually winced. I too, have a Husband who pines for a recliner. In fact, we have a 'Brutus' sitting in the front room right now. I decorate around it. Being brown leather, it isn't too bad. And I figure, every other single thing in the house is for me.... so I can be generous.

    LOVE the fabric! Can't wait for pics.

  9. Dang...Brutus is ugly!! So glad you found something you like. We've gone round and round about recliners too. Right now we have leather chairs with ottomans and he's happy.

  10. OMG I am replacing the ugly leather recliners my husband has worn out. Love your style girl!!

  11. I'm with you on the "traditional" recliner look:( I purchased one for my husband to put in his "man cave" so I don't have to look at it - although, it is pretty comfortable:) For the living room, I opted for a LazyBoy "club chair" looking one in leather. No one knows it's a recliner until they sit in it and it's heavenly comfortable. Cost more than my sofa, but worth every penny!

  12. Remember Frasier's Dad's recliner? LOL! So glad to know there is a better option! It will be gorgeous!

  13. You are just too funny....so happy for your post...I will do the same for my hubby someday!

  14. What is it about a man and a recliner? Too funny..

  15. Whew...I couldn't imagine how or where you were going to put that big ol ugly recliner in your beautiful little cottage...thank goodness for the pretty one!

  16. Yes, I was beginning to panic at first. I wanted to scream...NO WAY! I'm so happy you found a beautiful solution. There is hope in recliner land.

  17. Too funny! Now this is my kinda chair! ... and love the color.

  18. YOU!

    I feel your pain, sister.
    But thank God there are other
    love those.



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  23. Well today 5 stores into looking for the perfect chair, we purchased the last existing Big Brutus on Earth. The Sales Lady exclaimed as we were walking out the store. "I am so glad I finally got rid of the Big Brutus." She might have said "sold" but to me it sounded like "rid." Whatever the case, I think she even high-fived her co-worker as we left. Anyway, I spotted the chair sitting all alone in a corner and it seemed to call my name. I thought kinda big. Maybe perfect for me and the dog. Nonetheless, I shouted for my 6'4" "ex-football type" husband to, look at what I had finally found; whole my feet dangled the floor. Me and my big mouth, got us into the Big Brutus. Oh well, it was the 5th store and I was ready for the Cheesecake Factory and shopping. I guess he deserves the chair, but now I still want one for my dog and me.

  24. lazy boy big man recliner Whew...I couldn't imagine how or where you were going to put that big ol ugly recliner in your beautiful little cottage...thank goodness for the pretty one!

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