Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The early bird..... :)

I love to sleep. Like LOVE to sleep. And I happened to be married to a guy who needs like NO sleep. He's up with the sun and ready to go! Always. He even tries to coerce me awake with the smell of a 4 raw sugar latte on my nightstand:) God bless him:) He soon realized(he's a quick learner that one!) the way to get me out of bed early on a Saturday, is to whisper these 2 little words in my ear...

Garage sale. Uh huh. THAT'S what will get this girl up faster than anything:) Especially here in Dana Point. For some reason I've had the best of luck here:)

Just take a gander at the latest goodies I've found! This
$2 frame. I'm thinkin it used to have a pic of some sort in it, but I'm going to turn it into a cork board:)

This $1 perfectly chippy, old, faded picture:)

Me loves:)

But this last weekend?? I happened upon the Mother lode of all garage sales. Although I didn't end up with all the goodies at this particular one, I DID end up with... 2 All-Clad pans for......$5!!!!

I know what you're thinking- WHO sells their All-Clad at a garage sale?? I'll tell you who- the same crazy lady that sells her white KitchenAde mixer at a garage sale! Yep, I just missed out on it. Some granny with a cane was all over it:( My hubby did that "see, I told you you needed to get up earlier" thing. UGH! I hate when he's right:(

Sad, worn pans- let me introduce you to my friend- Bar keepers friend:) Yeah, the pic is all sideways but the Bachelorette is coming on and I gots to get this stinkin post done! Soooo I ain't fixin it:)

Ta da!!

Seriously? How amazing do they look!

The moral to this story? Yes, I got me some All-Clad. But apparently...
The early bird..... gets the KitchenAid !!


  1. WOw! You told those pans who's boss! I'm highly impressed with their transformation!

  2. Wow, you do find the best stuff now don't you?!?!?! What a great deal you got on those pans....they look amazing!!!
    Happy Tuesday!!!!

  3. Love the moral of your story! So cute! You did, not good, but great getting those All Clad pans so cheap. Luckily, they cleaned up to look like new too. I'll have to try that Bar Keepers stuff sometime on mine. I'm just like you about sleeping late. Love it! It would have to be a mighty good sale to get me up early too.

  4. Dorie, just read a blogpost about you on the Lettered Cottage, and had to follow your blog! I have many lessons to learn. Your house is beautiful, and the "touches" are amazing. Thanks for sharing...!

  5. Each Tuesday you make me laugh and now I'm yearning for a cottage in California and a good garage sale. Thank you.

  6. Hi Dorie! Found you through Layla at The Lettered Cottage and have been enjoying browsing around your blog. What fun! Love the garage sale scores (and the Starbucks!)-- I think my fave is that awesome chippy picture. Now I need to go hunt for one of my own. :)
    Heidi @ Decor & More

  7. Hey, I know where Dana Point it -- I am from San Diego origially and used to work in Solana Beach -- one of the guys I worked with lived in DP -- small world :)

    I cannot believe you got All-Clad pans at a garage sale, lol. A very great find. I look forward to garage sale season here and a Starbucks to boot makes it a perfect morning :)


  8. Wow! That was one great garage sale. I love the frame and faded picture and of course the All-Clad!!
    Laughing about getting ready to watch the bachelorette - I am watching it too. Every time I say I'm not going to watch it, something sucks me in. This time, my girls and I watched the first night and I said we all had to pick the guy we think will be the one, just from seeing their quick little introductions. We all had to pick someone different. My pick was Arie - and of course now I have to stick around - because he is bound to be the winner.

  9. It always surprises me when I find All Clad pots. I've found a few myself (at Goodwill). I run for the door when I do. Your other finds are awesome as well : )
    Have a wonderful day ~

  10. How exciting! Congrats on the All-Clad find, I'll pay more attention to pots and pans at yard sales from now on!

  11. I was just telling someone about Bar Keepers Friend. I LOVE the stuff. But here in Mesa you get looks like your an alcoholic for saying things like that. No biggie, obviously I am in good company!

  12. Hi Dorie I came across your blog by chance and I'm so glad I did. I'm following your creative journey now and hoping you'll stop by for a blog visit as well. Xx Rani from La Maison Jolie

  13. LOVE Barkeeper's Friend! It is so gentle that I cannot figure out how it works! I have even used it on the grout on my tile floors when it starts to look dingy. Miracle!

  14. LOVE Barkeeper's Friend! It is so gentle that I cannot figure out how it works! I have even used it on the grout on my tile floors when it starts to look dingy. Miracle!

  15. Now I've heard of Barkeeper's Friend and it works great on getting metal marks out of the sink. Man, you DID score!!! I love the story of motivation! Ha! I am like you, I'd rather lounge in bed and have coffee brought to me. Ahem! But if there is a good sale going, then that is all I need to give me a swick kick in the fanny to get outta bed!