Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's in your bag?

Last week ,Denise from The Painted Home asked me to join in on her- What's in your bag? series. Since I'm a lucky gal who gets to frequent the beach so often, I agreed and thought I'd post it here for you all too:)  So.... here's a look see at what I throw on, and lug around in my beach bag:)
My beach bag- I bought it this summer at Hobie Surf shop in Dana Point. 20 bucks! I added the silk flower for some cuteness:)
My swimsuit- Wal Mart for $6 a piece! Score! I decided at the ripe ole age of 44 to take my friends genius advice- "if you can't tone it, TAN it!!"   
My cover-up- Old Navy- I think it was $12? It's a 3/4 sleeve gauzy type dress and I love it!
My hat- Scala visor. Never leave home without it!
My other suit, the one I reeeally wear:)
Top from Downtown Basics $50- Splurge!
Bottoms- Wal Mart $6 same style different colors- I like to be able to mix it up!
Inside my bag I carry the essentials:)
Headhunter for my face. Banana Boat for my body and Burt's Bees for my lips:)

Yes. That's my towel! Target- $9.99 Hilarious, AND in my favorite color in all the land:)

Gotta have the snacks!!

My new beach chair:) Okay, seriously? I think Tommy Bahama is a gazillionaire from these chairs. EVERYONE had them at the beach! Costco- $25!

 I love me some Pandora - Mindy Smith Radio…. the bestest in relaxing music:)

I rarely get in the water. Mostly because it's too cold. And maybe just a little bit because I swear that of all the people in the water, somehow, someway..... Jaws will get me. My theory is supported by the fact that, I can be sitting with my whole family and be the ONLY one feasted on by mosquitos. Just sayin.....
So I spend my days here:) In my sweet new beach chair. On the sand. Safe.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one that visits the beach and NEVER steps a toe in the water. From our 18th floor balcony on the Gulf of Mexico, we saw nine, count them NINE (!!!) sharks swimming among the folks in the water, who had no clue they were there. That's enough for me to stay land-locked!

  2. Honey - you are hittin the wrong shore. I am a native Californian. From San Diego, I might add. In fact, I am going out to see my mama in September!
    I digress.......
    I live in Florida now - in Destin. Our beach is pristine - carribean waters - white sand - lukewarm water temps and it's heaven to any beach-goer. If we see a shark, we just get out of the water for 5 minutes. No prob! At 63, I am still jumping the waves with the kids!
    BTW, your beach house is just past precious!!!!!!!

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