Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Better late..... :)

Usually I have my Christmas goodies all out and done by the day after Thanksgiving. Not this year!!
Since the new little tiny is, well..tiny, I kept the decor in here pretty simple:)

Tiny house, tiny tree! It's a 7 ft. slim tree. It fit perfectly:)
How cute is that new pillow?!! It's white linen/burlap and has a hanging gift tag:)
I found it at Design Lab by DDG. It's the cutest little store in the same building as FOUND:)

I found this tree skirt there too:) So far LB has not put his "mark" on it!
He's adorable. Aaand really bad sometimes.

I put all my favorite things on my ole cabinet:) I just taped a piece of ribbon around that lamp shade to add a little red on it:) Those green little trees I bought at Wally (walmart) for $1 each. The boxwood wreath is from FOUND.

THIS is my fav thing this year:) The reindeer head from Tarjay:) It was $29.99!

And here is the shelf about my kitchen sink. A recipe for beer bread and my sweet little
 Lori Mitchell figurines. I love their skinny legs!! FOUND carries them, but I'd call first for availability, they go fast!!

And this candle is my all time fav holiday smell ever!
Its Frasier Fir by Thymes. It's the best smell! It's not too overly piney or sweet.
And yep, FOUND has the entire line:)

So that's what goin on here at casa de tiny!


  1. Looking so pretty!

    Happy Holidays!

    =) Brooke

  2. Everything looks just right to me. I've wondered what those figurines were called or who made them. Now I know and can track them down. :)

  3. As always, you have the most divine things! Love the new items you bought. That tree skirt is absolutely beautiful. Love those little figurines with the skinny legs too. You motivated me to buy that gorgeous burlap and white embroidered pillow sham from Ballards, btw! After seeing it in your bedroom, I knew it would be perfect in mine. You inspired me! Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas decor around your home. It may be tiny, but it's full of charm.

  4. The pillow from Design Lab is the cutest! I was eyeing it but I had other holiday items to buy that were more important. Looks great at your house! Also I'm in LOVE with the Frasier Fir candle too. The best.

  5. I also had to downsize to a slim tree when I moved. Yours looks so beautiful! I'm trying to get some good photos of mine, but my frenchie keeps crashing the shot (and not in a cute way like yours - lol).

  6. I won a gift basket with several of those candles....I LOVE it too!! Your house looks adorable, I always look forward to Tuesdays!! :)

  7. So cute! I love the lamp on your fave cabinet...birds of course! And LB in the Christmas Spirit :) I'm curious, what are Dutch Babies?

    1. Ooops!! Haha!! I just looked closely at that pic. It's actually beer bread!! Thanks for catching that Stacy!!

    2. Well that sounds good too...I'll take it! Have a good week!

  8. I have fallen in love with those little figurines with the tiny legs! Just ordered me some. They are so adorable! And your holiday decor is perfect!

  9. LOL for some reason your dog cracked me up... I don't think he appreciated his picture being taken!

    Everything looks beautiful, hope you have a great Christmas. :)

  10. Lovely tree, and the pillow is perfect!

  11. I can feel the spirit of Christmas by just looking at your blog. Tiny has the beautiful Christmas interior that makes any guest feel at home for the holidays. This Christmas, I am going to buy a Christmas skirt. That's the only thing that is lacking on our tree.