Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Souvenir.... :)

Ok, so remember when I told you that the fab Heather Bullard paid me a little visit a while back?
Weeell, she came to take pics of the little tiny for the Spring issue of her magazine Souvenir:)
It came out yesterday:) and it's pure eye candy. Her photog skills are amazing, and I'm so honored she featured my humble little place!
Her pics of my house made me want to live there! Wait.... I did! :)
So go! Buy a copy! You won't be sorry! She also featured my friends and fam over at
ReStyle Source:) and the sweet gang from Sweet Salvage:)

In other spring news....I got a pedi today:)
I know! I know! The color's a total shocker:)


  1. Oooh so cute the tootsies are!
    I made the purchase of Souvenir Mag. I wasn't passing that one up!
    I'm never disappointed with Heather's inspiration.
    Your Tiny is adorable! Every little inch of it!! :-D

  2. had to comment on those toes.....C.U.T.E! Love you shoes too, still too chilly in CT for that, but I'm gonna get Orange toes very soon.

  3. but...what about the stuff you are selling:)

    1. Oh Stephanie!! I didn't get to taking pics of the stuff. But just to give you an idea... I'll have dressers, tables, lamps, dishes, bookcases, pictures, pillows, bedding, couches and....more:) I'll post pics next week for sure:)

    2. oh my gosh, im so excited i can hardly stand it! Couches!!!! what couches? and dishes OMG. I am the girl who's mom called you from Oregon:)
      #canipreshop lol

  4. Love the feature!! I was so excited when I saw that! Congrats!

  5. Hi Dorie, I'd love to come to your tag sale. Are you going to give more info next week?

  6. Cute shoes! Don't know if I have the stuff it takes to do green toes! LOL

  7. I am totally getting my toes painted green new time I go! Who knew it would be so cute?!?!

  8. I totally want the little birdie lamp!

  9. I live just around the corner from your little rental and can't wait to see what you will have for sale! Our house was built in 1915 and we have oh so far to go in the reno process! Can't you just come over and tell me what to do next!