Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thank you.... :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I mean the sincerest of thank yous from
the bottom of my clutter free heart:)
Saturday was a huge success:) We opened at 7am, and by 8:30, I think most everything was gone!!
My heart is full, my yard and garage...empty!!
When the hubby and I made our budget for this upcoming renovation, this awesomeness you see
below was NOT anywhere in said budget:(
But after Saturday?
Say hello to my dream come true:)
My knight in shining armor. On a white horse.
Lovely right???
Viking. Cotton White. And it's gonna be mine:)
I can't thank you enough for showing up early Saturday morning,
keeping your thoughts that I'm a hoarder to yourself,
and  helping me realize my dream:)
xoxo, D :)


  1. Oh how I wish I could have been there! I am so excited that you are getting your dream stove. Way to go!!

  2. Congrats on your successful sale! My daughter and I were there before it even opened, but still missed out on some cool things we would have nabbed if someone had not beat us to it!

    I did manage to get the little white cabinet (probably for a bathroom) and my daughter bought a "chippy" entry table. We loved the experience and think you should have a sale every year!

    Had to laugh when a friend of my daughter's asked if you were someone "famous". We said, well...yes!

    Love your, soon to be, new stove!

  3. that is the very same range I bought (still awaiting delivery), but in all stainless. She's a beaut, isn't she??

  4. i knew you could do it!!! xo ;)

  5. Your sale was fabulous! I am enjoying my finds tremendously! A shelf for my kitchen. A seagrass chair for my bedroom. An old gate that will be repurposed as a tabletop for al fresco dining. And a gynormous toolbox for the garden. Plus a green bracelet for me. :) So excited to see the magic you breathe into your new home.

    - Megan

  6. Thank YOU for one of the most fun Saturdays ever. Even though I was 15 minutes late and missed most if not all of the furniture, I did pick up a couple of the most wonderful cows in a gilded frame. I couldn't believe my luck! A little while at your sale and an afternoon at Sweet Salvage...now that's what I call a Saturday!

  7. It was such a fun time. Thank you for having it. My husband and I got such fun things for our home. Have a beautiful ad creative day.....Chickie

  8. OMG...I will empty every drawer, cabinet, and closet to get a lovely like that for my new house! I can almost smell roast chicken! Soooo glad it was a success!

  9. Happy to help!! Call me again if you ever need to get rid of any more stuff. Loving my new treasures.

  10. Hi Dorie
    Does this mean the new kitchen will be white???
    Does this mean you no longer love GREEN.