Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Project Beautify Coronado... :)

Look at her. Ain't she a beaut?

Say hello to our latest completed project.
This Señorita was built in 1928 and we purchased her from
Margaret, the sweetest lady who had lived there since the early 70's.

I knew the second I saw this little house that I wanted to strip the 
paint off that wood on the front porch and stain it to add some warmth.

We painted the exterior Swiss Coffee (duh) and stained the wood trim
around the windows. We added the black fabric awning to soften the front a bit.
We left all the original succulents because... they're just cool!

The front door is painted Lagoon by Sherwin Williams.
This house is 1 mile from the beach, so I'm thinkin that blue works!

A little paint and some updated tile was all that fireplace needed:)

This entire house was covered in carpet. We gave the old floors underneath a shot, but
sadly (VERY SADLY) we weren't able to salvage them :( :( :(
Honestly my heart still hurts over it.

This Schoolhouse Electric chandelier (although it looks a little wonky in the pic above) 
is just the most awesome thing! I bought it to use a few houses ago, but it
never worked out in any of them.
 It finally found it's home:)

The original little tiny breakfast nook to the right of the stove
is now the laundry room with a door to the back yard.

The black metal hood-
 Ryne made the hood shell out of wood, then we had a sheet metal guy
cut the parts and Ryne installed them and added the metal rivets
and painted it wrought iron black.

Then there's that tile....
Oh my I love it.
I just spent an insane amount of time looking for the link for it,
but canny findy. I blame this hellish cold I got after playing nurse
to Rog and Ryne last week...
I know the brand is Merola and I ordered it from Home Depot.

If you wanna go and check out some more pics of this adorable abode
This Señorita lasted about 2.5 seconds before someone snatched her up.
She's pending already! 

                                ¡Ay, caramba!


  1. Beautiful! I love the kitchen and the fireplace. I love the door hardware throughout too. It's no surprise that it didn't take long to sell!

  2. Love it so much!!! One of my faves! Well done all!

  3. Gorgeous!! As always. I especially love the kitchen. And that tile is wonderful. And a mile from the beach?? Sounds like heaven to me.

  4. Dorie! Absolutely gorgeous! Where did you find the wall mounted candle lights?

  5. Love it! Imagine you all did the kitchen....favorite white for cabinets?

  6. Love it! I can't wait to see your beautiful transformations on these cute homes. I love, love, LOVE your style Dorie.

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  8. Oh Dori, this is just adorable! I love your work. I wish you hadn't left Phoenix. We're getting ready to move there from the East Coast, and we would have loved to rent (or possibly buy) one of your beautiful projects. But I'll settle for just watching their progress on your blog!

  9. OMG!!! Love ~ Love ~ Love!! What an adorable home. Love everything about it. Great job guys!! <3

  10. Adorable! Where did you buy the awning for the front window? Been looking for something similar for our house.

  11. You did a beautiful job; I like the tiles behind the stove and how you improved the porch.

  12. Dorie, I think this is your tile :-)

  13. Dorie, I think this is your tile :-)

  14. Oh, my gosh, I love this, Dorie. I'm going to feature it on my blog (unless you'd rather I didn't, of course). I can see why it sold so quickly. You guys did a great job, as usual! :-)

  15. Dorie and Roger, We love our new Coronado Spanish bungalow and appreciate the restoration and keeping many of the historical elements of the home. We knew the second we walked in your home on the first showing that we had to buy it for our forever home. I am so happy you picked us because we lived in Ventura for 35 years and wanted to finally move to midtown from the east end. We appreciate your vision for this home and we are going to add a few more Spanish elements. I hope you can continue to beautify more historical homes in Ventura.

  16. I love seeing the older Ventura home restored and updated - sad that you couldn't save the floors.

  17. This is adorable. So fresh and cheerful! Could you possible tell me the paint color on the interior walls? You mentioned the front door color, but that pinkish-beige is gorgeous! Woukd love to know the wall and trim colors.... Please?

  18. Congrats on your Hooked On Houses feature! Darling house!

  19. What happened to the vintage tile in the fireplace? Vintage tile is THE best part of a Spanish-style house! You're fortunate to be located near the Adamson House in Malibu (Malibu Potteries family-home-turned-state-park), Wells Antiques in L.A. (world-class vintage tile store), and RTK Studios in Ojai (amazing original tile makers' studio and store). The knowledge from just visiting these places may change your life. It did mine.

  20. What did you do with the Batchelder tile from the old hearth? It's worth a lot of money these days.

  21. Hi, I got the same tile for my kitchen backsplash, but the grout edge finishing looks kind of odd. Can you share the finish you used on your edges? Thanks.