Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FI-NA-LLY!!..... :)

Done and done!!
Ok, 98% done. Still needs touch up paint and a lil tweaking
but overall....I'm a happy girl:)
This kitchen is kind of an L shape. It's L's to the left into the laundry room:)

Aaaaaaah!!! (que angels with jazz hands)
A huge thank you to our family biz for this amazing
walnut top. She's a beaut!!

Aaaand she came complete with a bullet lodged in her! The guys at the shop
knew I'd love it, so they left it there:)
It's kind of a reminder of what I'll do if anyone dare cut on her!!

That corner back there is where I house all my everyday dishes.

I wanted open shelves where I can hone my lazy skills. I mean seriously,
I can pretty much empty the dishwasher with my eyes closed.
Which come to think of it...is every morning before I have my coffee:)

I love this wall o' cabinetry. That's my fridge on the far left:)

And what girl doesn't love a place where you can hide everything
(the hideous microwave) and shut the doors??!!
These doors to the "appliance garage" are pocket doors, so they slide
back and out of the way:)
God bless my hubby kitchen designer!!
I love him:)

I can't decide what I love to do more. Spend hours with this gorgeous lady....

 Or wash my hands repeatedly here??!!
You guys. I've wanted this stinkin faucet for. ever.
Totally worth the wait:)
 Thought I'd show you some of the little details...
My curtains. Just black and white ticking with ribbon trim.
Ok, and truth be told- they look fabulous with all my Halloween stuff:)

 This adorable sheep head. The hubby mounted it to my chalkboard:)
Love it!!

My chippy door and original door knob.
I've had several people ask if I'm going to paint the door...
I'm kind of torn about it? I reeeally love the warmth of the chippiness,
but maybe I'd love the crispness of new paint??
My schoolhouse lights. They're perfect.
The rusty brown and the glow that they put off at night-
The deets:
thank you for putting up with my crazyiness:)
Carrara marble tops: Custom Stone Works
 Chrissy-(602) 430-7995
thank you Chrissy for not freaking out when I was
freaking out thinking my tops were going to
be too grey:)
We gladly ship nationwide and yes! Canada:)
thank you Houston for your amazing handiwork
and for saving that bullet:)
Faucet- Rohl from Central Arizona Supply
thank you Margarita for helping me convince the hubby
that after all these years I deserved that faucet!! :)
Appliances- Spencer's Kevin Rymer (623) 202-7029
thank you for finding that most perfect ever Viking range:)
Lighting- vintage from FOUND
Thank you Dan for always having the best in the west goodies..
and then delivering them:)
Paint-the walls are Windsor Greige by Sherwin Williams
the cabinets and all the trim is Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore
Accessories- the chalkboard, sheep head, small eau minerale glasses,
 and feed warehouse sign are all from FOUND.
-the big old wood tool box, I found at a garage sale
-the scales are vintage and found at...I can't remember
-the glass jars that hold my sugar, oatmeal etc. I got at
Tuesday Morning years ago. At the time they only had the three
and I never could find the "flour" one:(
there's a chance I'd give Little Bully up for that one!
Just kidding, I'd give my right arm.
-the curtains were made by yours truly:)
and by made I mean cut to size and held together with stitch witchery-
that amazing iron on tape stuff. Just black and white ticking fabric with
black grosgrain ribbon


  1. See? This is why Tuesdays feel like Christmas morning to me :) Just LOVELY!!

  2. Oh, and please leave the door as is in all her chippy gloriousness!

    1. Noooooo sorry - i mean No... i would love it painted to match the cabinets... the chippy takes away from the kitchen.. imho that is..

  3. Love love love everything about this space...especially that gorgeous range hood!!

  4. Dorie, I love your style. Everyone did a fantastic job and it turned out beautiful. I am working up the courage to try "building" a range hood like yours. It's wonderful. And I'd leave that door like it is. Because I knowwww you want to. :)

  5. Love everything!!! It is so me.....open shelving, white paint, and ohhh...that chippy door!! Looks FANTASTIC!!!

  6. Just perfect and I love the chippy door :)

  7. Fabulous - love it! And where did you get the ticking curtains with the black ribbon trim?? Adorable!


    1. Hey Jen!
      I made 'em. Ok, I ironed them:) just ticking, black ribbon and stitch witchery:)

  8. It's beautiful Dorie! Can you tell me the paint brand/colors of the island, walls and trim?

    1. Hey Harmony!
      Thanks for reminding me! I updated my deets with all the info:)
      walls are- Windsor Greige by Benjamin Moore and cabinets/island and all trim is
      Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore.

    2. Oh, Thanks SO much! I recently moved from Washington State to Montana and have a big 'ol ranch style kitchen to update. Painting is on my list in the near future. I love your style and I really look forward to your blog on Tuesday mornings. Thanks again. -Harmony

    3. Dorie, you knocked it out of the park again with this gorgeous kitchen! Love the new walnut island top. The thickness of it is TDF. Love the way you think about the bullet hole ha ha.

      The details amaze me and how everything just works together beautifully. The chippy door, the faucet, the curtains, the garage door, the open shelves. Yumm!

      I have been anxiously waiting to see the reveal and boy was it a good one!

      Now I have to find a sheep head and a chalkboard and sweet talk my DH to hang it for me LOL

  9. looks great! Love all the details!

  10. Absolutely beautiful. I love it... especially the range hood. You and hubby are very talented.

  11. Beautifully done :) Thanks for sharing it!

  12. Dorie, I LOVE it!! Your homes are always sooo good. I'll take you to lunch for a home tour! I'm literally obsessed with your kitchens.

  13. Eeeeeeh! Love every.single.thing!!!! Such a gorgeous kitchen!!

  14. A Thing of beauty! Having just done my own kitchen, I know what kind of work goes into it. I love, love, love all your choices!

  15. Perfect....absolutely perfect!!!

  16. It's gorgeous! DON'T PAINT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!! Before you even mentioned it I was like, "WOW, I love that she didn't paint the door!!!"

  17. OH MY GOSH!!! I love everything about your beautiful kitchen!! Not to sound too stalkerish, but every Tuesday, I look forward to your posts and I always call my friend to see if she has seen your posts, we love your style and everything that you have done to all of your homes. You are one talented girl!!!! Oh, and I love all of your touch of green....my favorite color!!!

  18. Dorie, you're a genius! You thought of everything, and it was worth the wait. I know you must've gotten it at an antique store or garage sale, but where did you find your rustic table/stools? What a fantastic space saver and it looks great, too! By the way, What was the thought process of having the fridge so far from the other appliances?

  19. Hi Amy!
    The rustic table is actually an antique from Europe:) I really wanted to collect old rustic stools, but as I did and my family was actually sitting on them...they were breaking:( I'm sooo not a genius:) anyway, I only have sturdy one left. All the others are those super cheap (but sturdy) stools from Target that one of these days I'm going to paint:)
    The fridge- there really wasn't any thought process! That wall of cabinets was actually already made for the kitchen before we decided to flop it and put the kitchen where it is now. Sooo in order to reuse what we already had, the fridge ended up where it is. No big deal really, this kitchen isn't huge and Lord knows I could use the exercise!!

  20. Ok. Can I have a moment, please? THIS KITCHEN. My heck, it's SO amazing!!! That faucet..... I think I'd take it in lieu of my birthday, Valentines Day, anniversary, Christmas, and whatever other holiday that requires a gift for the next five years! It's beyond good! And the walnut top......I heard the choir of angels singing, trust me! It's so beautiful. You (and your man) did such a great job with it. I love every. single. thing. about it. If you need a cooking partner for any kind of big get together you're hosting, I'm your girl!

  21. gorgeous......with a capital G........

  22. LOVE! Love the chippy door and the fact that your choir of angels have jazz hands. :) -Megan

  23. Love everything about your kitchen! How wide did you make your curtain panels? And how far apart did you put a curtain ring/clip? I have ticking to make very similar curtains for my kitchen window! Are your curtain rods & clips black?

    1. hello "anonymous"!
      Ok, these curtains would be a total embarrassment to my mom who is a fantastic seamstress:)
      Because my panels are more decorative than functional, I just used 54" fabric and cut it in half making each panel 26" ish wide. The rods and clips are from Target. I used the mocha colored ones, not too dark or too brown:) I used 1 pack of clips per panel:)

    2. Oh, don't be embarassed at all! I also am a seamstress, but you know what, I don't call that cutting corners, I think that it's very creative! If it does the job that you intend for it to do, then what does it really matter! I think it's fabulous! You get so much done, & beautifully done, & I'm sure that instead of worrying over doing it the "right" way, you do it your own way, & get so much more accomplished! Thank you for the info, I too just want mine for decor & not function! I absolutely love everything about your style & your homes are fabulous!

  24. There just aren't enough words to say how cool this kitchen looks so I'll stop with I love it and I want it.

    From Virginia

  25. Wow, just loved the idea of keeping plates in a wooden box which is looking easy to carry from one place to another. :)

    glass table tops

  26. Beautiful as ALWAYS!
    My husband would like me to kindly ask you to STOP moving! Each time you move and work your magic on a home, I get all excited and want to copy it into my home! lol
    Seriously, your home is beautiful, can't wait for you to share the rest of the place. :-)

  27. Beautiful job! I love everything, but I am truly jealous of your microwave stowaway cabinet.

  28. Just found your blog and love it! Can't wait for the next post.
    xo, lissy

  29. Hi! Is your ticking fabric printed or woven? I want the fabric to drape right & not be too stiff.

    1. I'm thinking mine is printed? Because it's kinda stiff.

    2. Walmart carries the printed, and it's the weight of all of theirfabrics for quilting. Leightweight cotton. The woven is where the black stripe is actually black fabric woven into the white. Printed would be real smooth fabric.

    3. Ok, my fabric is woven:) it's heavier and prob not meant for quilting:)

  30. That gorgeous wood top was worth the wait!! That bullet will make you smile every time you look at it. I love the chippy door just as it is- in perfect contrast to the perfection of those cabinets. I'm also impressed that you unload your dishwasher before you have that first cup of coffee... I have a whole new respect for you ;)

    Thank you for sharing- your kitchen is fabulous!!

  31. Every inch of your home inspires,
    Love that sheeps head.


  32. Love, love, love your kitchen. That hood is over the top gorgeous.

  33. Oh wow! Your kitchen is absolutely fabulous. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Pinning!

  34. Dorie, I think your kitchen is spectacular! Each and every detail is perfect. I'm just bowled over by how you're transforming your home. You really had a vision when you bought it sight unseen (the inside, anyway), and it's so fun to see you bringing it to a reality. Wow!

  35. New to this post, but I LOVE your range hood. Did you make it? I would love to make one like it and would welcome any tips on getting it done. Thanks,
    Suzanne in TX

  36. Love your kitchen! May I ask the brand/color of your grout? Looking for the right color for our subway tile backsplash!