Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daymaker..... :)

So as I was driving home from Cali and it's amazing 75 degree weather,
I was trying my hardest to put on a happy face. You see I was returning home to this-
Yep. That's my kitchen:(
We had a little setback upon discovering rotting floor joists:(
(please tell me you're totally impressed that I knew that word!)
In typical man fashion, the hubby was like hey! how bout we just dig it down
further and create a cellar that will have a trap door entrance under the island?
Um hey! NO!!
Juuust look at that old wall color!! I swear I used to live here once upon a time.... :)

Ok, I really do have a point here. Back to the car ride.... So I was having a pity party that only I was invited to apparently, when we pulled into the drive to find this!!!
Honest to goodness I have the best blog followers EVER!!!
I got an email from a sweet gal who is downsizing and wondering if I would
love something that she has loved for over a decade.
Of course I said yes! And maybe there's a chance that I said hell yes!!

Anyway, I had no idea when this ole gal was going to come spend the rest of her
days with me, so what an amazing welcome home sight she was!
Just standing there on my front sidewalk, begging to come inside and
get out of the heat:) 

I moved her (yes, by myself. cause that's what we crazy ladies do when we need to get stuff done right?) to where someday soon she will stand forever, proudly holding up my sagging ceiling :)

Her sweetness will help create some division in this big room:)
I'm going to hang a window between her and the wall to make it feel
like a little entrance:)

Thank you thank you Lisa from the bottom of my happy (and very sweaty) heart.
You made my day!!! :)


  1. Perfect fit, huh! Sorry about your rotting joists!

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  3. Yay. That is an awesome gift. What is it about guys wanting to dig holes! Drives me crazy!

  4. I knew you would like it... just didn't know you would have the perfect spot already found! Woo hoo so glad it worked out!

  5. Your kitchen looks like our bathroom right now. It's like bathing in a barn! Your new post is awesome!

  6. What a nice gift! And I can't wait to see the progress in the kitchen.

  7. I'm sorry about your trouble with your kitchen, these things can get you down but I'm sure the hubs will have it back up and beautiful in no time!

    Michelle. Thebashfulnest.blogspot.com

  8. No matter how many times we've redone a space, the sight of the mess always hurts my heart a little...especially a kitchen :( But the column is a keeper! Please tell us you have a camp stove or an impressive collection of takeout menus :)

  9. I love it when strangers just come to your aid and help you!!!!! God Bless your Lisa!!!!!
    BTW, you are one of the gutsiest women!!!!! I love your blog.

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  11. Nice, love the authentic weathered look too. I love the fabulous corner table in the last photo.I can see it looking fabulous in my living room with tabletop water features on it.