Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's a crock.... :)

With our reno in full swing here at Casa de Tuesdays, we find ourselves eating breakfast here a lot.
A whole lot. Hello fatness!
Anyway, the other morning while the hubby was paying for our heart attack on a plate,
I found something that was going to solve all the worlds problems.
Ok, maybe just a problem in my world. I can't stand the look of these!! With my new laundry
room faintly in sight, I've always wanted some pretty jar or dispenser to put these in.
Since there isn't going to be any cabinets on the wall where the washer and dryer are going to be, the soap and softy stuff are going to have to be out on a shelf in plain sight.
Thank you Cracker Barrel!!! Uh huh. Just take a moment to share in my giddiness:)
How adorable are these crocks!? They are $39.99 each and you can write whatever you want
on the label with a dry erase marker.
And they're big! It will hold the big size Tide you see in the pic above.
Perfect. Me sooo happy:)

.....so while I was writing this I started seeing the hubbs unload the entire contents of my
kitchen onto...yep! my dining room table.

Things are happening fast around here!!

You see, this kitchen will become my new laundry room:)

awesome right???

Can't you just see those adorable crocks on an adorable shelf in this adorable laundry room??
Cantcha? Cantcha?? I can. And I can't WAIT!!


  1. Oh I can see it - makes every calorie worth it for that find at cb!!! It's all gonna be so good!!! Love seeing it all go down from TN. Miss you guys! Hi dodge I see you :)


  2. As if I needed a reason to go to The Cracker Barrel ;) Thank you!!

  3. Yup, them are fabulous!
    LOL....I did a laundry room post today.
    You will so enjoy having a huge room
    to washa, washa, washa!!!

    Happy Tuesday!!


  4. Those crocks are definitely cute! I know you will enjoy using those. I know you must be so happy to see things getting done around there.

  5. hi dorie, i went to hs with you at the big mvt. you know, just a few years ago ;)
    anyway, happened across your blog...your house(es) are adorable. i love what you guys do to these old houses. you are so talented & have such great taste! so fun to see.


  6. Those are adorable. Oh boy the reno is on!!

  7. Would you mind posting how tall those laundry crocks are...I am in the same situation but may have shelving height to consider...much appreciated, thanks! Love following your progress ;)

    1. The crock is about 12" tall and 8" around at the base. It says it holds 1.9 gallons:)

    2. Thanks Dorie ! You're a gem :)

  8. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel...Yum.
    Keep those reno pictures coming!

  9. OK, I love the crocks! Can't wait to see the finished laundry room. You kids are so cute and so BRAVE!
    BUT......................what I really love is that crazy kitchen window. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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