Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And so on and so on ..... :)

So you know when you go to do just one thing in your
house, it suddenly turns into an avalanche of projects?
Or is that just me....??

Well, we're finally getting to redoing the downstairs bathroom.
Or the last of the ugly as I call it.
You gotta love my sign I hung on the door at Easter...

Ya hear that? All that hammering??
Music to my ears:)

While we were doing the demo, we discovered we needed
to redo the roof over the bathroom.
Well that turned into.......

Adding a covered porch off the side of the house....
We didn't have enough of the used brick that we found on the
property to do the entire porch, so we just made a "rug" 
out of what we had:)
This is the view out the kitchen door.

Well, then the covered porch meant we needed new trees....

then the new trees needed a new fountain...

and so on.
and so on.
and so on.....

Hoping for prettier pics next week:)


  1. If you give a mouse a cookie...
    Love it!

  2. If you give a mouse a cookie.... :) Wow, the porch looks awesome, can't wait to see pics of your completed bathroom and other projects, they'll be wonderful no doubt.

  3. Oh my goodness! Yes, I have started projects that turn into more, but it doesn't necessarily get done. My husband is notorious for starting something and not finishing it. Once he retires from the fire dept. I'm hoping he will have more time to devote to things like that. I love the extra space you have outside for your new porch! Can't wait to see the reveal of your new bathroom too.

  4. If you give a mouse a cookie..... It looks great!!

  5. Wow is all I can say!! My projects always turn into bigger projects, but yours my dear is clearly the winner! I love that covered porch! Can't wait to see more pics!

  6. Well, of course if you re-do the bathroom ceiling you have to add a porch! Makes perfect sense, and it is glorious!
    I was in So-Cal this last week and thought of you as we drove through lovely Dana Point. What a dreamy place.

  7. Gorgeous! I always love seeing your pics for new ideas...now we just need to find a sad little Craftsman to buy so the projects could begin! :) cannot wait to see your bathroom!!

  8. Are you KIDDING? I have GOT to get myself over there really soon! xoxo

  9. I NEVER get tired (but maybe a little jealous) of looking at your reno progress. Your whole family seems to be blessed with amazing creativity!

  10. I can so relate to the avalanche comparison! We are neck deep into our renovation of the tiny tudor, and I cringe every time we uncover something that leads to yet ANOTHER project! So wish you lived here in Texas- I could use you :)

  11. Love the covered porch and LOVE LOVE your brick "rug"!!