Tuesday, December 30, 2014

XOXO.... :)

 So you know when you get together with your family and you have the
best time ever and then you realize that not one picture was taken
of this grand time?
Yeah. Happens to me every time!!

This is the one and only picture that was taken of us Christmas day
thanks to Chase's mom Susan:)
This pic was taken after a yummy dinner at Rio's new house.
(yes I'm jealous of her adorable little cottage)

The next morning the hubby and I rode our bikes down to Lucky Llama,
our local coffee shop here in Carp.
The hubs does tea. I do lattes:)

Then later that evening.... 
It would just be a crime if we didn't watch this at least a few times
a week right??
Never gets old. Never. Ever:)

While walking LB the other morning I look up to see this...

XOXO 2014! You've been very good to us:)
Looking sooo forward to what lies ahead!!

Happy New Year all!!!!


  1. Well......the saddest thing that happened in 2014 was that my sweet friend Dorie moved away.....BUT, I'm looking forward to visiting her in California in 2015! I hope this year brings you nothing but happiness and contentment. xoxoxo

  2. Guilty as charged with missing out on pictures. On the bright side, it meant you were living in the moment and having a great time! Happy New Year, Jane

  3. You definitely made the right move and Carp was the perfect place to land.