Tuesday, January 6, 2015

7th grade.... :)

This here is my BFF Terry or Ter as I call her.
I met her the first week of 7th grade at Poston Jr. High where I was the
new girl. What started out as a sweet hello in the lunch line, ended
up a forever friendship:)
Our birthdays are 2 days apart, so that makes us kinda twinsies:)
I love her. I reeeeally love her.
Besides being a fantastic mama, grandma, sister and friend...
She makes tamales.
Uh huh. 
If you have a friend for over 30 years? You're blessed.
If that friend makes tamales??? Queue choir of angels:)

 Well last night I cooked me up those lovely tamales. Alongside them?
These lovely black beans...

This original recipe is from Bobby Flay, but I learned it from my 
brother in law who coincidentally is named Bob and who I also
met in 7th grade! And I love him. I reeeally love him.
Who knew after meeting him that years later he would marry
my sister?? cute huh??

Here's what you'll need:
1- onion chopped
2 garlic cloves chopped
3- cans black beans- drained
1- chipotle chile in adobo sauce (or more to taste)
1 tsp.(ish) of ground cumin
chicken broth

Coarsely chop up your onion and garlic. You'll be pureeing the whole thing at 
the end so no need to worry about perfection here:)

This is where I look over my shoulder and make sure my mom can't
see me open up cans of beans. hee hee
She would use dry and cook them just like Bobby Flay would,
but I ain't got that kinda time!! 

Throw the chopped onions, garlic, drained beans, cumin, and chipotle in your pot.
Pour chicken broth in just until it covers the beans.
Cook everything over medium heat until the onions
look good and soft.
Since you're working with canned cooked beans, you're really
just looking for the doneness of the onions.
This is the point where I add salt, and taste to see if I need to
add more chipotle.

When the onions are done ladle the entire yumminess
in the pot (I do it in batches) into your
food processor and pulse till smooth:)

This here is the bestest of toppings:)

-a dollop of creme fraiche
-some crumbles of cotija cheese
-chopped cilantro

Everyone who's ever had these beans at my house loves them,
so much so that they are commonly referred to as "THE beans".
I'm telling you the smokey flavor in them is soo delish you'll
make them over and over again!

And so I must say thank you Bob and Ter for what you've given me all
these years later. Who would've known... 
all this love... on one plate:)

**and thank you Brad H. for the blog post idea:)


  1. YUM!! Making these tonight since it's Taco Tuesday!! Do you drain the beans or pour it all in the pot? Also do you ladle the broth mixture into the food processor, too? Thanks and SO excited to get these on the table!!

    1. Drain the beans. Ladle the entire contents of the pot into the processor:)

  2. Those black beans sound wonderful and restaurant worthy. First class restaurant, and with home made tamales, wow. How good to have a BFF Ter for so many years.

  3. And that salad looks delicious too. Recipe?