Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Basura to treasure.... :)

So on Sunday when I was taking out the trash,
I came upon this ...

I love how people put things they don't want anymore
"next" to the trash so someone like me can
come along and do that- tilt your head to the side thing
and say quietly to yourself "why is this in the trash?"
...then look both ways and haul it home!

I think at one time this seƱorita hung in a Mexican restaurant
or something, because I could faintly see the words burrito and 
salsa and an outline of a chili drawn in chalk pen.
Pobrecita:( she was dirty, scratched and in desperate need
of a makeover:)

So I gave her a good scrubbing and then started that makeover
with a fresh layer of
chalkboard paint.

After that dried, I tackled the frame. At first 
I painted it white and....
HATED it!! It was too stark:(
So Rio told me I needed to paint it gold.
After it all dried, I was looking at it and I thought it just
 needed a little something more...

So I drove the 3 minutes to Rio's house and used her Silhouette

Just kidding!
RIO used the machine. I sat on her couch (wearing a ridiculous ensemble
because I was freezing) and played games on my phone while
she went to work printing me some letters. 

Then because Rio is a control freako like her mama,
she came over and put the letters on,
because "you won't do it right mom".
I love her:)

And here she is all bright and shiny!

She sits at the top of the landing on the second floor,
near the guest room:)

From basura to treasure!!


  1. One man's junk is another man's treasure! Hot tamales! It turned out awesome!!!!!

  2. How cute.

    Can we get a tour of Rio's home? :)

  3. So cute! That's a great transformation. I love the letters you added and the message it says.

  4. I'd love to see Rio's home! I can't wait for Tuesdays:)

  5. Do ya ever feel like you could squeal like a stuck pig?? I love it! You are like the foster mom of junk! "Come to me tattered waif, and I will make you whole and lovely."

  6. Beautiful !!! Did you say guest house???
    We will be right over

  7. wow........omgosh.........awesome...........great find

  8. wow........omgosh.........awesome...........great find