Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project Beautify Arbor.... :)

 Just thought I'd give you all a look at our latest 
completed Project Beautify property.

This little adorableness is nestled in the midtown area of
Ventura, CA. She was built in 1955, is 1204 sq. ft and 
was a 3 bedroom 1 bath before we got a hold of her:)

The outside got some fresh paint, landscape, shutters and our signature 
window box to cute her up:)

Then we went inside...
So here's the original floor plan. After walking the house,
we noticed that the Master bedroom was so much bigger than the kitchen,
and had this huge beautiful window that looked into the backyard.
It also weirdly had a door going into the laundry room.

So we decided to do a little flip flopping.
We moved the kitchen to the master bedroom and opened up walls
to make a great room.
The red walls are the ones that were removed.
The green wall were the ones that were put in.

 End result being this.
Better use of space and we added a master bathroom!

This was the before front room with the doorway to the bedrooms.

The after:)

Trim trim trim and a fab barn door! And let's just have a moment
over those original hardwood floors!!!

The kitchen before in what is now the master bedroom.

The cabinets were only a few years old so we used them!
My son Ryne who can rock a finish like no other,
painted them.

We then filled in with custom cabinets where needed,
like the peninsula:)

The hubby made those x doors, because his crazy wife
just had to have a farm sink. Meaning, he had to cut the existing cabinet down
to accommodate the sink and the doors below ended up too tall:(
Soo he made those, and I LOVE them!!!

This is the before hall bath.

And now the after:)

Yes of course there are beautiful hardwood floors under that carpet!

This is just the cutest bedroom ever!
I LOVE that ceiling!!

And here's the master bath. Cute eh?
I ordered that vanity and when I opened it up, the "marble" countertop 
was this hideous pinkish color.  I stood there staring at it
 trying to convince myself that it could work.
 It wouldn't. No way:(

So after I cried a bucket of tears,
I went down to Ventura Stone and picked out
of their bone pile and found this beauty!

The master closet is behind that door:)

That sweet house on Arbor street hit the MLS on Friday and
was sold on....Friday!!

Now we're off to the next one!!

The Addison house in Ventura, California.
Built in 1958, featured in Architectural Digest in 1961!
It had never been for sale until now.
And we get to love on it.
How cool is that??!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you all have mad skills redoing houses. I'd totally live there.

  2. No one rocks a reno like you guys do. NO ONE! The best part is that you are reasonable and classic in your approach with the most special touches. Anyone can spend a ton of money and do an amazing reno. The best part of your approach is that it's doable by most of us who don't have limitless funds. Can't tell you how many of your pix I've bookmarked and pinned. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Love-you guys are amazing! Can you tell me the paint color on the outside shutters/window box-I have the same brick.

    1. Hello!
      The shutter/window box color is Porpoise SW 7047 by Sherwin Williams:)

  4. WOW!!! You guys do absolutely beautiful work. Please come to Wichita, KS and do mine!!! :)

  5. Wow, looks great! I can't wait to see what you guys do with that Addison house.. What great potential from the get go! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. I'm swooning over all the changes you made! such great taste on all of your choices. Love the kitchen and bath the most. Love the barn door and want one someday. You guys do a great job!

  7. So much for coming to the open house! It looks great and I LOVE how you changed the floor plan.

  8. I cannot wait to see what you do with the Ventura house. Mid-Century Modern ~ drool!!

  9. The details you all put in to the houses are amazing!! I love the style of them and wish I could pick up and move up to Ventura :

  10. Wow! You guys are amazing. Love your vision and how you bring it to life. The kitchen sink cabinet redo to accommodate the farm sink is brilliant. Your son did an awesome job.

  11. Of course it sold quickly...it's awesome!

  12. I still say you need a TV show!! P.S. Thanks for all your advice and help on the Purple Palace Project. Adam and Suzy are SO excited, and it is turning out great. Love you guys! Cheyrl B.

  13. Oh ma gosh! I'm amazed over and over again! You're all so talented. I'm waving to you from Chandler!

  14. Please share the color of the front door. Want to try a pop of color for my house! Thanks! Love your work!!!

    1. Hello! The front door color is Hazel SW6741 Sherwin Williams.

  15. You do beautiful work. Love that you kept the oak floors. Kills me when they rip them out on the tv home redo shows.

  16. Beautiful! Can you please tell me the color you used on the body outside on the home?. I am trying to find a nice gray to paint my home and love the look of this one/

    1. Hi Dori,
      If the colors are the same as your last reno I have those written down already. I was just looking back thru your pics and realized they may be the same and you already gave me the colors for the house lol. If not then let me know if you don't mind thank you so much!

    2. Yes! You would be correct on the colors! When you find a good formula, you just stick
      with it right?? hahaha!!

  17. Love this home!! Can you tell me what wall colors are used inside the house? Thanks!

    1. Hello!
      The walls are Worldly Gray SW 7043 by Sherwin Williams and the trim is Downy SW7002 also
      Sherwin Williams:)

  18. WOW! You guys do such a classy job. I am not surprised that it sold so quickly! Every inch of it is gorgeous!

  19. It is just a darling little house! I am not surprised at all that it sold in less than one day! You guys kill it with the ren-O's!!!!


  20. You guys are amazing! I love the cabinets and pulls, knobs from your last house. Could you please let me know where you bought them? Thank you!

  21. Hi! I LOVE your blog. Just saying.... :)

    I was wondering if you could tell me what color white you typically paint your cabinets. I think this might be the only color you havent already been asked about.
    I am redoing my bathroom and want the walls and the cabinets to be white but not sure if they should be two different whites. I would love your opinion! xo

  22. Hi Dorie, I really love this house! Would you be able to tell me the exterior colors you used on the outside of the house? Thanks, keep up the good work!

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