Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

A little over a year ago we sold our house (aka the beast). While driving around looking for our forever home we came across a 1916 very neglected and disrespected California bungalow in downtown historic Mesa. It was truly my dream house. You see, I ADORE oldies. There is something about old houses. They have amazing character and if they could talk, oh the stories they'd tell! So started the long process of a full restoration. You see some really awesome, handy, thought they knew what they were doing previous owners DESTROYED the place :( that's where the disrespect comes in. They added an atrocious huge "porte cochere", some horrendous dormer windows and closed in the wrap around porch in a feeble attempt to turn it into...I don't know what. Really?? I find it hard to even write the following words- they took out the ORIGINAL STAIRCASE!!! The horrors. Soooo, after much investigating and research and a promise to return her to her former beauty, our work has begun. While most would think this is an undertaking like no other, I find it the best and most exciting challenge in my life. I can't WAIT!! Our plans took almost a year (grrr) but were finally submitted to the city last week! So exciting!! I'll keep you posted... :)


  1. You should post pics of what it looks like now! Pre renovation.

  2. This is going to be fun... and you should get plenty of before and after pictures.
    Thank you for the comment and sweet compliments and joining along... I like you little home too, very tasteful, I was coveting the french china and green dishes.