Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She's got my hair and eyes of green, and my obsession with HALLOWEEN !!

I realize it's Sept. 22, but I love love love Halloween! Here's what we've been up to :) My house first:
A big thanks to Kristin at Domestic Bliss for carrying these adorable pumpkins in her store :)

Now for Rio's house. For those who don't know, Rio is my 21 yr. old super creative daughter. She has a love for the "scary" Halloween look, and can spot a deal from a mile away.
I absolutely love creating things with Rio. She has an amazing eye for things at thrift stores and yard sales (and the occasional freebie) that she paints, bedazzles and adds ribbon to make it her own. Very talented girl I say... :)


  1. So cute! Now can you two come over and rummage through the basement so we can get our Halloween out? Who's throwing the Halloween party this year girls??? Looks like you are ready!

  2. I love Halloween too and I love your blog -beautiful, creative, fun and full of ideas- thanks...


  3. I LOVE Rio's stuff! She is so talented!

  4. I'm sorry but I'm still laughing at the pics of Wallace. They are the cutest dogs EVER!!! I'm headed out now for some fresh halloween decorations, I desperatly need them.

  5. I love your Halloween decorations and your french bulldog. We also have a white french bulldog and they are so much fun!!

  6. D.
    Look at you and MiniME!!
    The cottauge is of course looking so cozy and cute!!
    I was inspired and started gettin out my spookyvilles!
    That's a record for me..but it is so revin' up fall here
    it seems right!!
    miss you and the rest!!