Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'll MAC it fit!!!!

Since moving into the new little bungalow, I've been really challenged with making the best use of the little storage space I have. In saying that, my obsession with MAC eye shadows and makeup in general was becoming quite a problem. Quit buying them you say? YEAH RIGHT!! I mean everyday when I would go to get ready I would have to deal with this nonsense!

So yesterday while sifting thru my makeup, I happened to notice the unused space on the back of the door. That's some prime real estate I thought! I can make use of that!!

So off to Home Depot I went. I found these squares of galvanized roof flashing already cut in 6x7 inch squares. I bought 4 for each door and secured them with this miracle adhesive called lightning bond. This stuff is sooo easy to use and works in seconds.

Next, I found this roll of magnets that you can cut to any size. It has a peel and stick back on it so it made it really easy to attach to all my eye shadows.

Here's the finished product!! I lOVE it!! I did both doors and now all 63 (yes 63) of my eye shadows are verrry happy to have a home :)


  1. Dorie,
    I think that is one of the most clever things I have ever seen. Seriously, you don't have to dig for the color...which waste time.
    You had an Einstein moment woman.

  2. That is the greatest make up idea EVER! I love the way they look all lined up. Well done.

  3. I don't want to hear of any complaints about an "economic recession" from MAC. Doesn't look like they're hard up for eye shadow sales. Great idea, Dorie!

  4. Impressive!! I have one mac eye shadow. Now which of us has the problem?

  5. DORIS!!
    LOVE IT!
    now can we talk about your
    issues? 63 and counting?

  6. Sister, that is unbelievable! You should seriously be on a tv show with all of your creativity.

  7. this is brilliant!
    next crafting project for sure!
    what is the black border around the metal plates?

  8. This is pure genius!!! I LOVE IT. I'm a makeup addict and love things like this. Happy Monday.