Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Goodness....

OKAY!! I'll admit it. I'm terribly in love with my dog. I love all things frenchie. In saying that, I made this:
I found the tiny stool at Joanns and painted it white. I cut foam to fit it and used spray adhesive to attach it. I found this adorable frenchie silhouette online and printed it out and used it as my stencil. I covered it in burlap to finish it off. Cute huh Shelly? Earlier in the week I purchased this:

I guess because it reminded me so much of this:


  1. HI! Marianne in Utah here! I found your blog about a month ago when cruising through some Mesa bloggers favorites' lists. I am a Mesa girl myself and miss it terribly this time of year when my weather turns icy cold! I am a dog lover too. My love is a Jack Russel Terrier named Samwise. I actually am working on a silhouette project of him! Funny! Maybe I'll post it one of these days when I get around to finishing it! In the meantime I watch your blog anxiously as you restore your house! My Grandma had a darling bungalow on 2nd Ave. or 2nd St.(I think). It was bulldozed awhile back and now the whole neighborhood is a giant vacant lot. Sad! Thanks for loving an old house and giving it new life!

  2. Oh man thanks for that great laugh!! I love your stool and will need one myself so how much?:) Miglet gets very angry when she sees pig and frenchie references so I'll be sure to NOT show her this.

  3. ooooo so cute! My English Bulldogs will be jealous!
    xxx kim