Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The new tiny...

With construction on our place in the works, we realized there will come a time when living in the little cottage in the back will become really inconvenient. Like when they have to do the electrical and pluming and all. Soooo we started hunting for a new place to hang while our house in being beautified. Luckily enough this sweet little 1927 bungalow behind us (and I mean that literally, it's just on the other side of our back fence!) came up for rent. These little cuties are one of downtown's best kept secrets. They are ADORABLE!! So here's a sneak preview. Cut me some slack, I just started moving 4 days ago so boxes are still around as you will see in the pics. Enjoy! I am... :)

The front room. And yes, that is the original trim and floors! Couch and chair? Domestic Bliss

How grand is that wrap around plate rack in the dining room!!! My old cow pics are verry happy:)
The perfectly chippy green cabinet? Sage in Phoenix:)

The green chair? Salvation Army $19 !! But $65 to clean :(

Master bedroom. Amazing windows all around :) Iron bed? Domestic Bliss. Green chair? Round Top Texas.

Green dresser? Salvation Army $15 !! Painted Rustoleum Oregano:)

Green dresser missing it's upper drawer? While driving down Center street, I spotted it on some old man's front porch. I pulled up and asked him if he would sell it, (okay, Rio asked) and he looked at me like I was crazy for wanting "that ole thing" $20 :) Beautiful antique bed? On loan from my sweet friend Melonie :) Beautiful old mirror? Domestic Bliss.


  1. Soooooooo stinckin adorable. Hi Wallace!!

  2. STUNNING!!!
    I love it and am so glad that you posted pics!! (See, I told you I love your blog!) Good to see you on Saturday! :)

  3. I can't stand it! I want one! This house reminds me of my Grandma Hamblin's that got demolished :(

    My gosh I can't stand it... Dorie how did you get God to smile down so big on you... I already know ... you're adorable and HE can't resist you. How much fun is THAT?

    As Stacey London says... "shut up"!

  5. We love it, Dorie! Thanks for showing us around Saturday. I think I am going to come steal Bozley...I want him!

    Kiss Kiss!

  6. soooo cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE It!!! As always- everything you do is so cozy and charming.