Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The lazy days of almost summer... :)

These are my brothers and sisters and their spouses. I love spending time with them, seriously my favorite thing ever :)

From left to right: Kelly and David (brothers), Rod and Michele (sister), Bob and Marlene (sister), Hot hubby and Me, Caroline (married to David), and Allison (married to Kelly). Whew!

This weekend Michele and Rod,and Kelly and Allison and their sweet girls joined us in Dana Point for a some good 'ole hanging out. Michele and I sang hymns (come on! grew up baptist! you know the drill!) Broadway style. We sing 2 part harmony really loud and sometimes add jazz hands :) the hubbys rolled their eyes (although I know they secretly love it, cause it's SO entertaining) and the girls just stared and giggled.

We ate so much yummy food! This appetizer rocked with a drink of Prosecco and white grape juice. Yum!

We watched this and got completely grossed out...

Then ate some of these!! The originals, none of that low fat, no fat nonsense!!

My niece loves to fashion wigs out of this tree in the backyard.

Even Wallace got one :)

Theeeeen, when all our guests went back to AZ....I tackled the guest house :) Remember the before?

Well here's the after!! With a sweet linen couch from an oh so generous friend (thank you K!) I went to town moving things around. Took out the brown beast that held a TV that no one watched, (I mean, come one! you're at the beach for heaven sakes!) and did a lot of decluttering.

I bought this lovely little dresser at The Salvation Army and will soon be painting it for the new house, but for now it holds a cute little lamp and an ipod docking station for music - cause THAT'S what you should be doing at the beach!!! :)


  1. Oh Dor- All the pretty people!!! I could have been in DP to give you three part harmony.....except dodge would have kicked me out....at least u two sound good....I do have mad jazz hands!

    Missin u!!!!

  2. Jazz Hands! I laughed out loud! Come to think of it, there are a few upbeat hymns I could add Jazz hands to! That guest cottage is so cozy! I know I would not be watching TV at the beach!

  3. Hello Dorie

    Thank you so much for stopping by the Back Porch. I appreciate your visit and comment.

    I enjoyed visiting here.

  4. Hi Dorie, Thanks for stopping by my blog and for you kindness! You are the most handsome family I have ever seen!!!!! For heaven sakes, you could have at least spread some of that cuteness around and not saved all of it in one family!!! And you can sing too? Please!

    How much fun is family and prosecco~ big fun!
    Now I want to call up my family and invite them over for a game of bocce (we can't sing- although I love hyms).
    Fun visit! Great to meet you.

  5. I guess we really did grow up baptist, didn't we? Even though Mom always said we were not baptist! :) LOVED singing with you. Can't wait to find that old red hymnal for our next singing episode. Had a blast with you in Cali! Thank you for your hospitality, but mostly for your love and friendship! xoxo Michele

  6. Yah well you two can just stop looking for that old red hymnal cuz guess who's got it! Yep, I do! Hee hee. You gotta move way faster than that.

  7. Dor-
    The singing is sooo entertaining -you two should go on the road! The popsicles were a blast from the past-banana or rootbeer, banana or rootbeer-of course Michele says, "have both!" Thank you for always being so kind and the best hostess to ALL of us-your sweet little place is big on love:)

  8. nice grass hair bella!
    anna banana