Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's for dinner??

I usually know by 9am what I'm cooking for dinner. But there are the times when life gets so busy and I forget to think about it until about 5:00! Last night was one of those nights. I'm one of those who can usually make something out of whatever I have in the fridge. I had grilled chicken breasts leftover from the night before that I warmed up and shredded and put on top of some spinach.

I cooked the quinoa pasta (cause we're all gluten free over here) and added it to the chicken and spinach. The hot pasta wilted the spinach just perfectly.
Then I made a simple lemon sauce to pour over the top.

And here's the finished dinner! Soooo easy and soooo delish! I think start to finish was all of 20 minutes!

I thought we'd have our dinner out on the newly framed porch and admire the progress. Yes, that's our chicken. She thinks she's a dog. She spends her days hanging out with whoever is working on the house and begging for food.
Here's the wonderful view from my chair. I know! Right? The house is coming along and we are enjoying it every step of the way :)
Yep, that's my handsome date :) and I know, I KNOW! I totally broke the white wine/pasta rule! Whatevs- I wear white after labor day too !

And of course, he begged the ENTIRE time :)


Like I said, I'm just kind of a make it up as I go kind of cook. But since you asked, here's how I made the lemon sauce:

Started with a roux. About 2tbsp of butter and 2tbsp of flour. Added about 1 cup or so of chicken broth and 3/4 c or so of heavy whipping creme and 1 bullion cube. Cooked it over med low heat till it thickened and squeezed the juice of about half a lemon and the zest of a whole lemon in at the end. Salt and pepper to taste.

And SERIOUSLY, these measurements are all guesstimates!


  1. I am requesting the lemon sauce recipe???...how can I duplicate this without it...so far I have all the ingredients for my dinner...including the reds...Dorie, don't leave us hanging....I shall be back to see if you put it in the post around four. Just a quick revision hmmmm yumm! Bossy aren't I?

  2. I cook the same way...it is very rare I use a recipe...once I get this made...I will guestimate from here on out.

    Thank you Miss Dorie!!! Hugs to Wallace!

  3. Very good...thank you again...I can think of some variations with oranges. Refreshing meal.

  4. Such a great recipe. My family loves this dish!!