Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And green it is....!!!

I got in last night from a weekend trip to Dana Point. I had butterflies the entire way home thinking about my house :) I was sooo excited to get home and see the progress. With every house we've built, the paint stage is always my favorite. It's like the house finally comes alive :)

And here it is! The much anticipated GREEN KITCHEN!!! I can hardly stand it :) I painted the bases and the fridge wall Sherwin Williams bamboo shoot. Perf :)
Just picture carrera marble tops on the surrounds and white oak on the island :) mmmmm me loves :)
I love love love these hood corbels. Saw them in a magazine about 5 years ago and tucked the pic away in my "dream house" file :)
And check out my wonderful master vanity. Waiting for sinks and countertop :) I got this fantastic dresser at FOUND. If you haven't been there, it's a must :)

Tile is being set as I type, painters finishing up, and wood floors will be delivered on Friday so they can acclimate for a few days before install. YAY!!!!!


  1. AAAAAAaAhhhhh!!!! I LoOVE it ALL!!! The best of all worlds!!! White, green, marble and wood!!! Drooling. Had to pull over to peep and comment!!
    Can't wait for my turn!.)
    If only rog was for hire!


  2. I am in love! You are designing the kitchen of MY dreams;)! It is just beautiful! LOVE the green...I am so glad the you picked it!

    I can't wait to see the finished product! GORGEOUS!


  3. Aaaa! I am living vicariously through your kitchen! Hurry please! Love it!