Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yep, more food for ya!!

I married and gave birth to carnivores. I on the other hand am only the occasional meat eater. My hubby LOVES him some steak :) So we compromise.
A little caramelized onions...
Some grilled asparagus...

Sliced up steak...

Chopped romaine lettuce...

And there's dinner!! I topped it with my homemade chipotle ranch dressing :) which consists of plain greek yogurt, buttermilk,garlic, chipotle paste and whatever herbs I have on hand :)

Are these the cutest salt and pepper holders ever?? Don't remember where I got them, but I LOVE them :)

Oh and always make sure you perfectly match your tablescape :)
(honestly didn't plan that!)
Coming next week- HOUSE PICS!! 4 short weeks till move in!!

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  1. hi aunt dorie! I keep looking at your posts and decided to comment finally! it was sooo much fun helping you and rio and ryne at willie! (including the catalogs :) ) we both had a great aim from the bed of the truck throwing boxes and stuff...heehee! i love you and please keep posting because i looooove to read them!