Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Penny for your thoughts.... :)

I love old things. Always have. I adore old dilapidated houses that I could love and restore back to their original beauty :)

I'm truly obsessed with old funky cars. Like this Nash Metropolitan. I WILL have one of these someday :)
But my most favorite old obsession?? Old ladies!! Check out these ladies. That's Penny in the green, and next to her is Helen. The lady in the fab leopard coat shall remain nameless until I get close enough to read her name on her coffee cup:) These ladies are at my local Starbucks (or Starby's as I call it) every Sunday morning. I have become absolutely OBSESSED with their cuteness. It's to the point where my husband says he's having coffee alone because I am so intensely focused on these ladies!

Penny (in the green coat) is my fav. Her hair is so perfectly coiffed! She has this sense of style that says "I've always been in style. New York kind of style." She wears these awesome vintage looking sunglasses (you can see them on the table) and has a voice of a smoker. And yes, occasionally they sit outside because Penny smokes, yep- those long skinny cigarettes, just like you would imagine. And did I mention she wears a thumb ring?? Oh yes, she does!!
My husband tries to act like he's not totally intrigued by these ladies, but a few Sundays back he said, "Look at them, their wrinkles are beautiful." And they are! They reeally are!! These ladies truly inspire me. I reeeally want in their club! My husband asked them this last Sunday if we could join, Helen replied, " nope, not unless you're a white haired widow!" Bummer city for me!! Oh well, I will love them from afar and secretly hope that Penny quits smoking ;)
**A very Happy New Year to you all!


  1. I want to meet them! I love old ladies too. I'm going to be a crossing guard one day and wear bright pink lipstick...(I always loved Barbi's Mom's lipstick and vowed I would wear the same shade some day) We drove past your house the other night, looking at Christmas lights. It was LOVELY! and loved the 2 trees in the windows. Happy New Year, Dore!

  2. I love old ladies too! Maybe because we're going to be one someday. The greatest day in my life was when my old lady neighbor came over (hair beautifully styled and perfect makeup) and introduced herself, "Georgia" and her dog "Coco". As in "Coco Chanel" she explained! I was instantly enamoured.

  3. Old ladies love old houses.

  4. I'm an old lady. I restored an old house from 1905

  5. I just ran across your blog last week and was going through looking at your past posts and I truly adore old ladies. I love to "interview" them. They have such great stories. I could listen to them for hours and hours. We can learn so much from them. I'm thinking maybe one day soon they will let you in their club.

  6. I'm an old lady with platinum hair. My husband has silver hair. We restored a 1905 house, and are in the middle of restoring an 1897 house. We have a 1915 Model T Ford, and a 1936 Auburn boat tail speedster.