Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'll MAC it fit!!...Again!! :)

Ok. So remember when I posted about my serious MAC eyeshadow addiction? Well, I still have it. Haven't kicked the habit, don't know if I ever will! Anyway, when we moved into the house a few months back I literally heaped all my makeup on this little table in my closet and have been trying to get to organizing it.
Well that day finally arrived this last Saturday. I couldn't take it anymore! So once again I made a trip to home depot and bought 6 sheets of 6x12" roof flashing material. I spray painted them white this time with what I had in the garage, cause I'm lazy like that :)

Then the hubby taped off a 6x36" square (cause he hates how I "eyeball" everything) on each side of my little dressing table.
Next he painted both the wall and the back side of the metal squares with this really stinky contact cement.

And here's where my really awesome disgusting albeit trusty pink glue gun makes her appearance. I glued this ribbon to the edge of the metal to finish it off.

I also added this sweet pom pom fringe to an old marble lamp that I had too! And can we have a moment of silence for my trusty pink glue gun? Sadly, she died midway thru this project :(

And voila!! Here they are! All organized and verrry happy! (and still room for more!)

Sorry for the horrible pics. Took them last night at 10pm. Yup, procrastination at it's finest :)
** And after reading this I realized that I totally forgot to mention that I put magnets on the back of all my eyeshadows too. You can read all that on the original post here.


  1. I love how this turned out.
    I am an "eyeball-er" too...drives my husband nutty. My hot glue gun looks just as glued up as yours too...so sorry to hear it didn't make it.
    Oh the lamp turned out great too!!

  2. I'm an eyeballer too! LOL! I love how this looks, and how you can see everything at once. I de-potted mine last year and now they're all in those little flat palettes.