Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I told you so!... :)

Every time I've moved (and if you know me, you know that's been a LOT!) I always go into this crazy mode of giving EVERYTHING away. I've given away so many things that I wished I hadn't :( My hubby always stands there shaking his head and saying "honey, slow down. I'm thinking you might want to hold on to some of this stuff." Nope. I promise. This is all stuff I won't need, I would always say. Well check out these lovely old french doors.
The hubby and I found them in Carmel, California about 4 years ago. I LOVED them. We bought them not really knowing where we were going to put them. Well about 2 years ago, after we sold the beast, I was sitting in my garage staring at them and wondering what in the world I was going to do with them. Once again I was moving and had never done anything with them. They narrowly escaped me giving them away SEVERAL times. Just a few weekends ago, while cleaning out the garage, I was once again staring helplessly at them. I begged them, PLEEEASE tell me where to put you! I can't put you inside, you're too tall. And then....they answered.
Put me on your back porch, as a little separator between your dining and lounging areas! YAY!! They have found their forever home. Finally. Aren't they beaut??? They hang out there with a pair of old windows we found at a garage sale in Dana Point, CA for $10!! Yeah, that score makes up for what we paid for those stinkin doors!

Then my sweet and oh so incredibly talented hubby made me a table out of....the old fence of course!

Still looking for some weather proof fab chairs to go around the table.

Oh, and it's been such amazing spring like weather here ( 79 degrees) we could eat our din OUTSIDE!!
In other my hubby spotted and scored the best thing ever at a garage sale this past weekend news- Check. It. Out. Ooooooh yes! A perfectly worn red granny bike!!!

Her basket, so perfectly rusty from someone leaving her out in the rain. I LOVE it!!

Mostly because this handsome guy gets to join me :)

**ok. so remember my post a few weeks back about making flowers? Well my daughter Rio has been busy making the CUTEST ones ever. Check them out here. They'd make adorable Christmas gifts!! :)


  1. I love where you put the doors...they make such a statement. The granny bike with flower and doggie is so cute...and your weather...sigh!!!


  2. I am in love with that last photo! He looks so stoic. Does he enjoy the rides? As usual, your decor is perfection. The old house must be so content!

  3. YAY! I am so happy you ended up using your gorgeous doors!And the bike- perfect!
    xoxo miss ya friend. k

  4. that is the perfect spot! i know what you mean about regretting a purge... right now my house is pretty barren as a result of the barn sale and it just doesn't feel the same...


  5. Fabulous! Those are some pretty smart doors.

  6. I found your blog through domestic bliss blog. It's so fun! I love reading about all your new found treasures and projects. Do you live in AZ or CA? You mention CA a lot and I'm from Carmel Ca but live in AZ now (I know....why?) Love your blog!

    ps I have a pink granny bike and I love it!