Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Red means STOP!!

Call me crazy, but I actually like to do laundry. Always have. And ironing? Love it :) Maybe because this was my old laundry room and you couldn't help but love to be in it! Too bad I didn't feel like that about the rest of the house:(

Anyway, when we sold that beast of a house and moved to my dreamy bungalow, my laundry room got considerably smaller- but waaay more me :) Here's the terrifying before:

And the after! Sweet. Fresh. Cozy. I adore wood counter tops. These are white oak, made by my amazingly talented son Ryne :) You can check out more of his work and our family biz here :)

Except for the white pot and plant on the top shelf, it's all stuff I already had :)

The ornamental brackets I bought at Anthro forever ago and the hubbs made the shelves out of our old fence. (I know, some sad day there will be no more fence) I love this laundry room. But let me tell you, there is one HUGE mistake staring me right in the face EVERYDAY......

The RED washer and dryer!!! What the sam heck was I thinking?! I wasn't. I bought them right after we sold the beast. I blame moving, my kids moving out and putting my dog down in the same week. Yeah, that sounds logical. I don't know. But UGH! How to fix this horrendous mistake??? A curtain? Wearing blinders? Kicking them on a daily basis hoping they'll die??

I would much appreciate your thoughts :)


  1. I don't see a problem! I like the red. I know you would prefer white, I'm guessing. But, the red is a nice pop of color with your other colors of green and white. I would KILL to have such a beautiful laundry room! Mine is very tiny and has no room for anything except function. I couldn't decorate mine if I tried. I promise, you have a great one, not an eyesore.

  2. I am with Kelly...I love the red. It really is such a great pop of color!
    This room is great by the way...loveeeeee it...my laundry "room" isn't even a room. It is a laundry closet...the only good part is that it's on the second floor.

  3. Send them to me! I have been nagging my husband for weeks to buy the red LG washer and dryer. He keeps saying NO because the ones I have are only a year old! I don't see whay that should be an issue...I want the red;)!

    Your laundry room is beautiful...I love the old one too. I'll send you my address so you can get those big guys to my house ASAP;)!

  4. The red is very pretty but I see your point. You could always take them to an auto paint shop for a day or two and let them paint them whatever color you like. Really, how much would that cost? (!)

    I actually have a laundry room about that size and It needs some major love. I only wish it had a sink. You have inspired me yet again! Now, to find the time!

  5. I can totally relate when something drives you so crazy no matter how pretty it might be to everyone else. I went through a red phase at my old house and then one day I decided red made me CRAZY and I had to dump it all. So...I say, find someone with white ones to trade them out. OR see how much you could sell those for and buy some nice used ones.

  6. I dont know but I love them and would love to take them off your hands if you really want me to! (I am Angela Henries sister love looking at your blog)

  7. Well when you figure out what to do tell me as I have the same ones...arrrghhh

  8. I love the red! But I understand.

    Maybe you can see if anyone on Craigslist wants to trade? It's worth a shot!

  9. You don't know me... wandered here from junkrestore ... washers and dryers are just ugly, the best you can hope for is to camouflage them... but the room is fabulous ...