Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If the shoe fits... :)

A good thing (and one I choose to focus on waaay too much) about working, is the dressing up. I love to get dressed up and throw on a good pair of shoes :) always have. I remember when I was a little girl sitting in my mom's closet and trying to shove my size 7's (at the time) into her tiny size 5 1/2 shoes. You know, that whole Cinderella thing? Ugh! Sooo frustrating! I wanted sooo bad to prance around in her high heels! I swore someday I would have a closet full. And I do :)

I love funky, patterned, colored, spike, wedge, whatever it takes high heels :)
They always fit, and always make me happy :)

I guess maybe I love them because it's something that makes me feel so girly. And tall :) I think I was born to wear them, and I will wear them as long as my feet will allow me. I say to myself "once you go flat, you never go back!" Scarriest thought ever!

Yes, of course! Some of them are cruel. I call them 10 minute shoes. You know, the one's you can only wear from the car to the nearest chair? Who cares!! They're fab right? :) Well sometimes I feel like I should give my little tootsies a break.

So this past weekend I thought I'd throw these on. Oooooh reeeeally Chuck Taylor???? You are dead to me. These stinkin shoes gave me the WORST blisters on my feet. (look closely at the band aids on my heels in the pic above) I was hobbling around Costo with the hubbs and he was looking at me like- what in the world? Yeah, I felt like some bound foot woman from 16th century China!!! Ugh!!

So if it aint broke. Don't fix it.

Bought these sweet denim heels from Tarjay. $19.99 See ya Chucky!!!!


  1. Oh Dorie- shoes!!! You are right- I am so stuck in my flats-:(
    I think you need to show your closet full of shoes next!- Hee hee. xoxo K

  2. I am so lame in high heels...I hardly ever wear them. I love all of yours though...especially the polka dot ones!!

  3. Flats are not my friend either...kill my feet. I have to wear heels, and it's a good thing. I'm a man in flats for sure. Love those denim heels from Target! I have to go get a pair!

  4. im already 5'10... and i am not the body type to pull off the amazon woman look. i love my chucks! but now i am getting older those are starting to hurt... so its on the all beige walking shoes with velcro straps for me! lol, just kidding.

  5. I love heels too! And cowboy boots (with a heel of course) have been a good friend to my feet for the last few years, but I also love my Chucks when I'm grungin' it!!