Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love... it runs in the family :)

February. The month o love :) I don't have very many decorations for Valentine's Day, so I just put together what I already had with the addition of some sweet roses from Trader Joe's.
These cute little mini roses came from Traders, but the big beauties? From Zuzu's Petals. The sweetest little flower shop in downtown Mesa. Seriously, it's a must for all your flower needs. The ladies are fab and their creativity is like no other :)
I saw this cake mix at Traders and immediately put it in my cart. So cute right?

And here he is. My sweet lovin man :) We adore each other and have for the last 24 amazing years:) But.....

I'm having....

I am! There, I said it!! I'm truly, deeply, madly in love with my house right now! And thinking I always will be :) And I share this sentiment... with my sister:) Meet Michele and her sweet hubby Rod. Yeah, I know. They're ridiculously good looking!
Anyway, they live in this ADORABLE 1928 Tudor in the Willo district in Phoenix. They have this really cool urban, industrial, clean lined style about them. They're house is awesome I tell ya.
Their Tudor has several original details including the floors, doors, windows and claw foot tub.
And yes, my sister is crazy like me and inviting thousands of nosy people to check out her digs. Her awesome house along with several others will be on the Willo home tour this Sunday.

So what better way to spend your Sunday then looking at some fab houses that you would never be invited into otherwise! Do it! You won't be sorry:)

For more info on this cool home tour- go here!


  1. Dori, your tray o' Valentines is fabulous!!! :)

    I don't typically decorate or do anything for V-Day (probably because I'm divorced and been single for.ev.er! LOL) But your tray is just the perfect touch!!

  2. I'm going to this one, too! Your tour got me completely hooked... can't wait to see your sister's house!

  3. I was so sad when I missed the Mesa home tour. I've been reading your blog and following your home updates...I really had looked forward to seeing your home in person. But, I will definitely be on the Willo tour on Sunday. Thank you so much for your Tuesday posts...it makes Tuesday a special day. :)

  4. Hi Dorie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! That picture of you and your hubby is adorable! I can't wait to be 24 years married to my husband (we'll be married 3 years in April)! Also, your sister's home is gorgeous!