Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mmm....rain :)

I woke up this morning to the most glorious sound. No, not this little bully's heavy snoring (although I ADORE that sound) it was the sweet sound of a soft rain:)

You have to live in AZ to truly appreciate the blessing that is rain. Rainy days are my most favorite ever. And my sweet hubby knows it. This morning he whispered in my ear "just stay home today and enjoy the rain". God bless him. Really. After the home tour this past weekend, I felt so far behind on my "house stuff". So I took him up on his offer and went downstairs and made myself a cup o brew:) And let me tell you about my little teapot of happiness. It's made by Chantal, and see those 4 holes? When ready, it sings in 4 part harmony! Soooo cute right?? You gotta get one! TJ Maxx has em. $49.99 but soooo worth it!
This instant coffee that Starby's has is delish! It reeeally really is.

And reeeally good with a ton of heavy whipping creme and raw sugar :)

I took my little bully and my hot cup of deliciousness outside to check out the sky. Now I know to some of you this doesn't look like much, but any little bit of dark clouds makes this girl happy!

And check out my little ole sidewalk. Love that crack. When we were restoring, our concrete guy asked if we were going to rip up the old sidewalks. I looked at him with a look of "if you touch my old sidewalks, you die". He got the message :)

I made my way inside and wrapped myself in my dad's old sweater. I acquired this sweater one night when I was pregnant (with my now 23 yr.old daughter) with the promise that I'd return it. I never did :) my dad died in 1992 and it's one of my favorite treasures :)

I got caught up on my Masterpiece Theater on PBS. I happened to start watching this series and it has made it's way onto my "top favs" list! I'm a total sucker for a movie with the words m'lady and m'lord in them! And the outfits in this movie are to die for! If you didn't get a chance to see it- it's a must!

Little bully put in some couch time too :)

Then I got that ew I've spent too much time on the couch feeling and headed to the kitchen:) My hubby enjoys him some granola bars for breakfast so I thought I'd make him some. My daughter's boyfriend Chase found this really good recipe at Smitten Kitchen so I thought I'd give it a try.
I added a little more peanut butter than called for and flax seeds cause I love em!

They turned out uhmazing!!

Then I moved onto dinner. My hubby LOVES my chicken pot pie. I really wish I had a recipe to give you, but I just make it up :)

Little bully snored his way through the entire production.

And that's how I love to spend my rainy days :) Oh, and for the record it just kinda drizzled a few times during the day. But that's okay! You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!! :)


  1. Ah, Dorie. You guys look so cozy! It didn't rain up here at all, but we had some snowflakes. I had so much fun meeting you on Saturday, thank you thank you thank you for opening your home to me. (And all those old people)...

  2. Funny, I did a similar thing yesterday too, I made my Grandma's 9 egg cake and chicken paprikash. And big Thank You for letting us peek inside your beautiful home, so lovely. I noticed there was a home for sale around the corner. Ahhh I would love that! Need to starting convincing the hubby!Let me know if you have any tips I could use...

  3. What a fun blog you have.I have enjoyed your pics and your recipes look delicious.We have similar things in common.How fun !! I noticed it yesterday that the side walks here were wetter than usual. For me better then snow especially being from the midwest.I enjoy the weather here.I even blog about it along with my other things such as a fav of mine decorating.Have a bright day..Chickie

  4. So glad you got to enjoy a day off! "Nesting" on a chilly gray day is the best!

  5. hi! i found your adorable blog thru junk restore! i think your family is beautiful AND that chicken pot pie looks AMAZING! have a happy day enjoying the rain! (its snowing buckets in the midwest! xoxo)p.s. i am your latest follower!!!

  6. I love how you took us through your day. The chicken pot pie looks delic!!
    I have the same teapot as you from TJ's...but mine is orange. I love it!!
    Have a great day Dorie!