Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I WANT IT NOW !! ..... :)

So this last Sunday the hubby and I took a little drive. I know, we've TOTALLY turned into old people. It's really one of our favorite things. Where do we go? Really nowhere. Usually one of us asks, "do you want to drive around and look at cool houses"?? And that's how it starts:) we love to check out historic districts all around the Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa area. While checking out a new area (nope. I won't say where! and for good reason! keep reading) we came across this beaut:

Awww!!! I was instantly smitten. She's the perfect shade of chippy green. Her windows are old double hung, and she's the loving home to some crazy feral cats that my hubby saw while looking thru the windows :( This sweet old girl is abandoned and according to the neighbor is going to be demolished:( Sooooo, I'm going to get on the horn and call the city (and go all Veruka Salt on them) and find out when,
Cause just think of all the fabulousness you could make with all that gorgeous green wood!!!!!


  1. Great color.Hurry and see what you can find out! It is so sad to see that.It is sweet.Looking forward to see what info you can get.Have a bright day...Chickie

  2. Veruka! You are awesome! Just watch out for lead paint...

  3. The chippy green will be perfect!

    Just as 40 is the new 30...The Sunday drive is sooooo the new Saturday night out until 2am :)