Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring has sprung... :)

**Just a little update on last weeks post. After a phone call that transferred me 7 times, seriously 7, and an unanswered email, I have yet to find out if anyone at the city knows about the sweet little green house that I want to put in my pocket:( I WILL keep trying!! ********************* So it's officially spring here in the ole AZ. The hubby has turned into Mr. Garden. He's always loved gardens and now has one! These are the first of his sweet little strawberries! Cuuute right? I love the craggly one on the right :) A had to get a pick of this bee, just enjoyin himself some of my geranium :)
And for me? Well spring cleaning has hit me in a big way. On top of my already OCD like cleaning that I normally do, I find myself changing things up a bit :) Case in point- my little library at the top of the stairs.
This poor little room hasn't been touched since my 20 yr. old son so gracefully (not) unloaded my boxes of books onto these shelves on move in day:(
Can you say BORING?? Ugh! The chandelier? Too white. The doors? No life. About every frame I own on the top shelf? Just dumb.
This is where my sweet hubby reads every night. I know! He's so abused. That hideous excuse for a throw? A snuggie. Yes, I said snuggie. It's hideousness just seems to add that little "punch of color" doncha think? That sweet chair I got from my friend Kristin at one of her fabulous sales years ago, it's a little shabby chic but with no budget for reupholstering- I just rolled with it:)
I made my way down to my fav Home Fabrics store and picked up these sweet fabrics for $23. Yeah you read that right. Twenty three dollars!! I found the ribbon at JoAnn and it went perfectly with my antique sconces above the chair:) and oooooh yes, Stitch Witchery!! My new friend until my daughter unearths my sewing machine that is currently in the abyss otherwise known as her kitchen remodel:(
The chandy. I bought this brass beauty at the Salvation Army "boutique" in Cali and I painted it white when we first moved in and yeah, it'll blind ya. But not for long! I took some minwax stain and did a little dry brushing on it.
And here's the little library after all my blood sweat and tears!

A little decluttering and organizing goes a long way:)
And here's the chandy! (with the crooked shade, just keepin it real around here!)
Awww and let's have a moment of silence for snuggie. Yeah right!! New throw is sooo much better! Oh, and I found some more (dead people) old pics of the hubby's family and thought they would want to join the others:)
Absolutely no sew curtains:) I'm sure I'll be doing a post in September titled The Unraveling. All about my curtains after the sweltering AZ summer! But until then? Me loves:)
Some fab old books that I got at the GW for $1 each. And yes, that's my flute from the 7th grade:) a little further down to the right sits my piccolo:)

And why yes of course! Little Bully finds himself verry happy here in the morning sun:)
And did I mention that I did this all on Saturday? And my back still hurts:( So what about you? Any crazy spring cleaning in the works?


  1. Your drapes are gorgeous! I love how you put the stripe on top of the floral (so Ralph Laurenesque - word?) Drapes always MAKE the room, I say. Love your extra pics of "dead people" too. Soo funny!! What I love about them even more, is that they're "no-sew" drapes. That's right up my alley. Thanks for giving me some much needed inspiration this morning!

  2. Everything looks so good!!

    I love that you have all of those dead people pics. We are lacking those over here. Apparently no one on either side of our families ever took any pictures!

    I think your hubs is gonna miss his snuggie!!

  3. Books under a cloche - genius! I love the way that looks.

  4. Please come redo my apartment in NYC. It is tiny and could definitely use your touch. xo.

  5. i love love love it! cant wait to see what you do next! :)


  6. its a miracle! i have posted! twice actually today! :) check it out!

    zizz or 2122 :)

  7. You have inspired me! As soon as I finish this comment, I'm going to go haul out an old 2-drawer chest that I've been hiding and I'm going to jazz it up. Yay!