Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some bunny loves me... :)

A big thank you to sweet Ashlyn at Pinecone Place for this award! I'm supposed to tell you 7 things you (well, some of you:)) don't know about me. Here goes nothin!

1. My house really is as clean as it is in my blog pics. Call me crazy, OCD whatev. It's just how I roll:) I actually enjoy cleaning and organizing :) One of my fav shows? Hoarders.
2. I think sometimes I missed my calling as a trauma nurse, surgeon, paramedic or anything blood and guts related. I watched our vet sew up our dogs leg once when he got hit by a car. Awesome. Strong stomach? Yes. Math skills? Not so much:( Another fav show? Medical Incredible.
3. I love the smell of garlic, onion and bleach on my hands (not at the same time of course). Makes me feel like I have a clean house or cooked something amazing:) More fav shows? Clean House and Barefoot Contessa:)
4. I'm a dreamer. My husband says I live in a dollhouse world. I do:) I dream of restoring every house in my neighborhood:) I can be sitting having a conversation with someone and while my mouth is saying uh huh, uh huh, my mind is checking out their fabulous curtains, or the painting on the wall that would look sooo much better over there.....
5. I can't go to sleep at night until I have showered, shaved my legs and put perfume on. I used to wear Chanel #5 till the hubbs informed me that he thought it smelled like an old lady. Waaa waaaa:( It only took 2 years for him to tell me!! Yeah, he's tolerant like that:) Now I wear whatever body sprays I have, as long as they smell yummy:)
6. Speaking of perfume. I've worn the same one for 20 years. Yep, twenty years. Paloma Picasso. Still love it.
7. I have a love/hate relationship with my empty nest. I miss my babies being at home so much sometimes. But then I look at my significantly smaller laundry pile and grocery list- and do a happy dance:) I'm thinkin maybe I could volunteer to rescue and foster frenchie bulldogs? Course that puts me just a step away from being on another one of my fav shows- Animal Hoarders!!
I'm awarding this to all you bloggers out there. You are all stylish and entertaining, and some of you quite frankly are waay out of my little league:) I'm doing this because fact #8? I'm the worst procrastinator and I stink at chain letters :(
Moving on:)
With the weather feeling so springy this weekend, I decided to get out what little I have in the way of "spring" decorations. I found these adorable bunnies that I've had for years. Seriously, I think since the early 90's! Poor babies were still wearing raffia for heaven sakes! :(

After a few short minutes with my friend Fiskars, they said buh bye to their former selves:)

All this project took was a little boredom, some colorful ribbon scraps, a hot glue gun and a bowl of bejeweled buttons, earrings and what nots that your daughter forgot to take home and doesn't know that you're keeping:)

And voila! How cute are they!!!

Oh, and I used some stickles to sparkle up the eyes, nose and ears :)
And here's the messy shot for miss " get real and go make a mess in there" commenter:)

I'm thinkin I'm keeping these sweet little bunnies for another 20 years :)


  1. I loved reading the 7 things about you! Made me laugh out loud. Your love of the show hoarders even though your house is immaculate...perfect. Although, I guess other hoarders wouldn't care to watch hoarders would they?!
    I can't believe how improved the bunnies are with their new jewels and glitter. You always do the cutest projects!!
    have a great week,
    ps. I am so with you on the math skills...I don't have any.

  2. cute Dorie!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them- I want some!!!

  3. i love the 1 with the pink & green he or she is ssssssssssssssoooooooooooo




  5. Loved reading the 7! You are tooooo cute! I wear Paloma Picasso too...great minds think alike;)!

    Your bunnies turned out beautifully...love love love spring!

  6. I am new to your blog! It is fantastic!!!!!! Cute bunnies too!