Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A deal...and a meal!

Last weekend while I was in Cali, I thought I'd take a trip to my fav TJ Maxx in hopes of finding my bird dishes. Sadly, I came home without the birdies. But... holy score! Look what Rio's bf Chase found on clearance and so graciously let me have it:) Yes. All Clad. Huge. For $69!! If you're an All Clad fan, you are totally feeling my joy right now:)

While sitting watching endless hours of Food Network a few weeks back, I saw this episode of Rachael Ray and she made this most scrumptious of dinners:) The episode was called Tangy and Terrific. She made this Orange-Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Lemon Risotto.

If you have the patience for risotto (something I've just newly acquired) it's a must try. It's easy and deeelish:) And just look how happy those chickens are in the awesomeness of that pan:)

Oooh, and it helps if you have a huge crush on your sous chef:) makes cooking sooo much fun:)

The finished product:)

Ta-a-a-sty I tell ya!!!

And go ahead and follow that tastiness up with the bomb of all cookies. Chocolate chip with Sea salt sprinkles. Sweet and Salt. It doesn't get any better than that!!


  1. Nice score! I'd say you saved almost $200 on that pan. My saute pans are the most used from my collection.

    Dinner looks GOOD too!

  2. those sea salt cookies sure were deeeelishhhh! the risotto looks good too :)

  3. Looks fab!!...I am always lazy and use orzo when I am making a risotto recipe.
    Good deal on the all clad!!

  4. Okay, you had me at Sea Salt sprinkles on Chocolate Chip Cookies....2 of my favorite things together and I've never tried that....so doing that tonight!!