Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm melting... :(

Oh my goodness it's still stinkin hot here:( It's that time of the year when everyone in AZ has HAD IT with the heat. I'm pleading with you Fall. Please hurry up. I just want to open my windows and let in some fresh air for heaven sakes!! I want to turn on my oven without turning down my ac! Is this just too much to ask? I swear this heat is melting my brain.
I bought this new plug is scent and it's fantastic. But man it makes me want to bake a pie!
I tried to wear this sweater today. Tried being the key word here. I started to sweat the moment I put it on, which nearly resulted in me lying in the fetal position crying for cooler weather!! :(
Fall weather can't come soon enough for me.
Until then, can you help a girl out? I'm in need of some blog ideas. Got any? I need em. Like fresh freaking air.


  1. Hey Dorie,

    Love the sweater!!...and I hope you get to wear it soon and actually feel a chill in the air.

    Poo...I need blog ideas too :) xo Ashlyn

  2. I think the hot weather has stumped my creativity. I haven't been working in my garage this whole summer. I couldn't stand waiting for it to cool down any longer, so I got some smaller things I'm refinishing.
    Blog ideas?????? Hmmmmmmm. I love your blog by the way, if you get a chance hit me up on mine

  3. The heat stumps EVERYTHING! I don't blame you one bit for feeling like you're needing a creativity boost.

    I was just enjoying that plug in scent at the grocery store yesterday. So pretty. :)