Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes. I said Gdubb pillows...:)

Ok. So I totally know what you're all thinking. Ewww! Gross! I know. I know! But hear me out. I love me some down pillows. I love them on my porch. I do not however love to pay big dollars for pillows that are going to be OUTSIDE! I mean, come on- there is nothing like a down pillow, and those "outdoor" pillows that you get are crap! Sooo I Gdubb it. I buy them for the insert. I haven't yet come across a gross one. You can tell right away if it's stained or whatever and then you can just trash it and not feel bad that you paid all of $2 for it:)

I had the hubby bring down my sewing machine to the dining room. I hit JoAnn and picked up some remnant pieces of fabric, and used whatever trim I had around to make me up some Halloween pillows for my porch!! Yay!! What you say? Halloween?? Yes! It creeps (no punn intended) up on us so fast and why not take advantage of my forced down time and sew, sew, sew!! The card? Oh I'll get to that!

And check it! How cute are they!! The melted candle? Not so cute:( It's still hotter than hades here:( but hey, a girl can dream and look forward to fall right?

I free handed that cute witches hat and just sewed it on, then trimmed it with some orange ribbon that I've had forever and made that flower by sewing some ribbon in a circle. Whew! Did that ever max out my sewing abilities!!

My sis in law made a really cute Union Jack pillow, so I took that idea and made this little pillow:)Oh, and just to show you how lonely and miserable my front porch looks- yeah, check out those dead plants. Nice.I loved this spider fabric. Neither remnant or cheap:(

Ok. The card. I've had this card for years! I can't think of anyone worthy to send it to?! Geez that sounds awful! But sadly, it's true. Maybe I should just send it to myself?? Anyway, this became my inspiration and what started the entire Halloween pillow madness:)

I found this silhouette at cafepress.com and enlarged it and printed it. I then free handed bat wings to it and used it as my pattern:)

Oh my! I LOVE it!! Times a thousand!! It's truly my favorite little crazy crafty I've ever done:)

And Little Bully completely agrees!!


  1. Those are ADORABLE !!!!!! I love idea and might just steal it : D

    Thanks so much for sharing the cuteness - especially the big eared fellow !


  2. Your pillows came out so cute! I wouldn't have thought to put pillows outside. I guess they'd be protected on the patio though. Oh, how I wish we had a porch!

    You could always pop the card into a frame and set it on one of the side tables out there to take attention away from the dead plants. At least your pots are just dirt... mine may still contain said dead plants. *sigh*

  3. Your ideas are so cute!!

    I missed reading blogs everyday - and am so glad to be back checking in with you!

  4. i love it! my favorite is the witch hat.... sooo adorieable!!! wally sure seem to love his! :) can't wait until next week.... :)


    ~I POSTED! :)

  5. Very, very cute. I enjoy your BLOG every week. I have a question about finishing wood, for you or Roger.... could I e-mail you about that?

  6. These pillows are great fun! I am glad to see that someone else does the same thing I do! I ht my local Ross store and pick out the ugliest pillows.They are marked down because nobody wants them. Many of them have the feather inserts and I just take them home and cover them with something pretty! No sense letting an ugly pillow suffer!

    I love the silhouette too! What a cute little frenchy bat!

  7. Oh Dor...those are cute! You take the inspiration and run! What to come and make some for my porch?