Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The high's and low's... :)

Just thought I'd share with you a few of the highs and lows of this past week:)
High- A date with my sweetheart at my fav restaurant House of Tricks:) Ordered the Pork belly appetizer and oooooh my, it was FANTASTIC:)
Low- The Pork belly hurt my belly:( I don't eat much pork, but I must say tummy ache or not it was worth it:)

High- My gal pal Kristin and I made a commitment to get in some yoga a few times a week. And by commitment I mean we invested in our own mats! And by invested, I mean some serious $'s!! We were using the ones at the class before:( Sooo much better putting your face on a mat with only your sweat on it! We get our yoganess on at the cutest place called Inside the Bungalow:) It's awesome. Like reeeally awesome:) And I can walk there!! Namaste:)

Low- Realizing I'll never be Carrie (she teaches at the Bungalow). Dayum that looks cool:) A girl can dream right...? 

High- Yessss. These fab new shoes for spring:) Tahari- TJ Maxx.

Low- Never. Say. Never. I caved. Yep, bought these:) Oh come on! They're burlap! And supposedly comfy? We'll see how much play they get....

High- Listening to your Little Bully when he begs to get in your bed to snuggle:)
Low- Not realizing your Little Bully is sicky and he barfs all over your bed:(

And since I want to finish here on a high note-

I get to spend the upcoming weekend with my hubby and kiddies at our sweet little cottage in
 Dana Point:) Can't wait!


  1. The pic of your dog in the bed is so adorable. He reminds me of my dog in our bed. He sleeps with us and has gotten sick in our bed before too. NOT GOOD! I sleep just a little lighter now, just in case I need to make a mad dash out of the bed with him in tow. Ha! That yoga teacher is amazing. I never knew our bodies could bend that way! I love yoga, but I don't think I could ever do that. Have a great weekend at your cute cottage.

  2. Sweet Wallace! Our dog Sam always wants to snuggle when he doesn't feel well. Love those little guys!
    I wish I could go to yoga class at the Bungalow with you but I might be too distractedl by my surroundings to focus on my downward dog!

  3. I love your blog! My husband is an architect here in Phoenix and I love century homes (moved here from Ohio, full of century homes) so we're always looking for unique structures... Old (me) & New (him)..nice mix, can be :) Sorry we missed the home tour. We love some of the homes in Arcadia. Question...do you ever rent out your cottage in DP?