Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I'm wearing... :)

Ok. So I LOVE me some makeup. A lot. I mean come on! Remember this post where I outed myself and my MAC eyeshadow addiction? Well things haven't changed:) I'm always on hunt for fresh new pretties:) Enter Revlon... Lip Butter on the left and Colorburst lip gloss on the right:)

The lip butter. It's just that. Butter:) It's like a tinted really moisturizing chapstick/lipstick. I bought the Berry Smoothie color and it's the perfect pink but not too pink color. The Colorburst lipgloss I bought 004 color. Sorry, my old lady eyes couldn't read the tiny print on the bottom:( Anyway, this lipgloss is sheer and shimmery and the perfect companion to a smokey eye:)
 I found both at Target for $6.49

Lip Butter

Colorburst Lip Gloss

 Hi my name is Dorie and I'm addicted to mascara. I don't go a day without it. It completes me:) I read about this one and had to give it a try. Of course I did! AND.........

I LOVE it. It's a little pricey, ok a lot o bit pricey but worth it. It dries fast and stays put. All day:)
You can find it at Sephora for $22.

Yes, this is me. My sis and I take pics of what we wore to work and send them to each other. She has to dress for a more corporate invironment and I can pretty much wear whatever I want:) Just one of the perks of having your own business:) Soooo, the other day we thought it would be fun to start up a blog where ladies can send in their pics of what they wore to work. Because what woman doesn't wake up and ask themselves the same question- What am I going to wear today???  

So check it out! And feel free to send in your pics! My sis always takes her pic in her office bathroom, hilarious!!


  1. So excited about your guys website!!!!

  2. Hi Dorie! Loving the make-up tips! I am going to head to Sephora to pick up that mascara for sure!!

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