Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Must love dogs... :)

Warning: LONG  Frenchie obsessed post ahead:)

Not until 6 years ago, when this sweet little French man came into my life, did I even think about loving a dog. We've always had them, but they were always the hubby's dogs. Weeell when my hubby surprised me with this little guy on Mother's Day 6 years ago, my heart melted. So I thought I'd let you know all the obnoxious things I do to keep my Little Bully happy:)

His dog bed. I found this bed online at Cozy Winters. It's HEATED and COOLED, and completely awesome. It plugs in to heat up the heated pad in the middle of the cushion, and then in the summer you fill this other cushion with water to keep it cool:) I think it was about $150.00? But it's been the best thing evah!

But really, he sleeps anywhere he wants.

Like in my blue linen chair...

Or while sitting on the porch....

Or his favorite? His mommy's bed:)

Especially when she's still in it:)

I love, love, love this shampoo. I get it from my vet, but I think you can get it from any pet store. It's about $15, and man! his coat is sooo soft from this stuff:) 

And I can NOT say enough about this fab food!! I tell everyone I know about it. My sis told me about it and LB has been faithfully eating this stuff for over 5 years. Flint River Ranch, It's organic, no filler, pure oven baked goodness. This food literally stopped my Frenchie's itchiness in it's tracks!! And notice he has no brown drippy eye stuff?? Yeah, it stopped that too. So basically the bomb dog food! And the best part? It delivers to your doorstep. Uh huh! I haven't had that -oh crap I'm out of dog food! scare in 5 years. $ 27.49 for a 10lb. bag.

His car seat. Yes, I said car seat. Car seat. EVERYONE made fun of me for this one. But I'll tell you what? It's the BEST thing ever!! As soon as I put Little Bully in it, he goes right to sleep.

I ain't kidding!! Whether we are just going down the street or driving for 5 1/2 hrs. to Cali., he's snoring away in about 5 minutes:)

Speaking of snoring.....

My favorite dog collars. They're from Preston Ribbons. They have a bazillion prints and most important? They're SOFT:) LB enjoyed this bubble print for a while and just recently...

I got this frog print... because he's a FROG DOG!!! :)  My hubby can't deal with the "wimpy" collars I buy my LB, he thinks he should wear something black. Nope. Not happenin!
I love this pic. Wallace is not supposed to be up on this table. But he loves it. So I let him:)

I seriously don't know why he finds this so comfortable?

Ok, so I'll put away my brag book now. I'm pretty sure I have more pics of  Little Bully that I do of my own kids. Yeah, I'm that girl:)

** If you are wanting to love a Frenchie yourself, or just want to help out with the ones who desperately need it- visit the angels at French Bulldog Rescue Network.  They're an amazing group of volunteers that will do anything in their power to save a Frenchie:)


  1. I just love your dog! I'm a sucker for frenchies and boston terriers. Of course, I have a boston. I think it's the smushed in faces and muscular body with silky short fur that I'm attracted to. Yours is adorable in all of those pics! That dog bed is amazing. I never knew one existed like that. I should really get a car seat for my dog too before our next trip. He would love it! Thanks for the smiles this morning.

  2. Too cute! I duno' if there's a dog breed I don't love. Frenchies and Bostons are near the top of the list though.

    I got my first Beagle, my first ever dog... EVER... by happenstance [ie opening my big mouth] when I was about 30. I had him for 12 years, and I miss him so.
    We now have a 'new' Beagle cause the house was empty after I put Joey 'down', we also have the Lab we bought as a friend for my 'old' Beagle... and a Yorkie who came to our house for her last months... FIVE years ago. DOH!
    See my babies here: http://solongfarm.blogspot.com/2012/04/pics-of-my-girls-and-around-farm.html

  3. He is such a cutie pie!!! I can see why he stole your heart and you fell in love instantly!!! I will have to check into that heated/cooled pet bed...that is so cool! I wish I could switch my dogs food to something natural but they are too old and set in their ways now. Happy Tuesday :o)

  4. I am personally a cat girl but your dog is so cute and coffee almost came out of my nose watching the snoring video!!! I think we become even more crazy for our animals after the empty nest:)

  5. I had belly laughs at the snoring. One night Maggie and Jeff were both snoring at opposite times so it was like one long, continuous snore. I laughed so hard.

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    Must love dogs... :)
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    thank you!

  7. Dorie - any chance you can either tell me a little more about the dog allergies you experienced or point me to a link that tells more? i have a co-worker who has 2 boxers & she as tried so many things in the last 2+ years & nothing has worked consistently. we can determine if it's diet or environmental - i convinced her to stop washing/drying their bedding with any detergents & that did no good. her vet has tried to get her to buy specialty (aka expensive) foods from them but she is reluctant because she knows they get a kickback on how much of the brand they sell. she is currently giving one of the boxers 2 Benedryl a day to keep the allergic reaction at bay. i use a food delivery company here for my 2 boxers & she has used them too, but her boxers still seem to react. i see the dog food you mention is sold on Amazon so she'd be willing to give that a try if has worked for you & if your dog's allergies have been anything similar to hers. so any info you could give would be great! p.s. just found your blog & enjoying snooping around right now!