Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cool cats..... :)

 I'm feeling just a teeny tiny bit of fall in the air. I'm lovin it and hatin it at the same time. Lovin it because it means cool weather is on our doorstep, hatin it because I'm not yet settled at my new doorstep:( I did however purchase the items below to help out the situation:)
 We've been working on the newbie and getting it ready to start movin in next weekend. Since we don't have to be out of our house till November 1st, it's been nice to have the time to do the stuff we want to the new place:) Ohhhhh, and I guess I need to clarify this moving situation a bit. We are NOT moving to Cali, my SON moved to Cali and the house we are renting is his house here- in Mesa, AZ.
We spent this last weekend refinishing floors...
 And visiting the most awesome Sweet Salvage. This time we picked up this cool metal cart that will make a great island, once I have William Rogers add a fab wood top to it!!
 Also at Sweet Salvage I found these perfectly worn table bases that just needed a cool top. Enter my friend Dan from FOUND. It's my fav store in all the land, and just so happens to be my place of employment on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Anyway, I asked Dan if he had anything in his secret stash of goodies that he thought would work here.....
 He brought me this:) Old, cool, beat up and perfectly awesome!
 Oh, and Dan delivered this piece to me too. It's an old beaut that he brought back from one of his trips to Europe.  It has doors that go on the top, but I'm thinking I might leave them off for now? I think this piece was always meant to be mine:)
 What's not meant to be mine, but somehow ended up that way? My sons two cats. When he moved to Cali, he found he couldn't take these sweet sisters:( They're a year and a half old, spayed, cat door trained and really sweet. But........
 Little Bully HATES them.
Soooo, these two little ladies need to find a new home. Please let me know if you- or if you know of anyone that would take these sweet girls and give them a loving home. Little Bully would greatly appreciate it:)


  1. Oh yes, I couldn't have cats with my dog either. Mine chases cats off if he sees them outside! I'd rather have a dog anyway. Love the changes going on at the house. Is this going to be your new permanent home? I'm confused. Are you buying this rental home from your son?

  2. It has taken over a month but my little pug has finally convinced my cat that they need to be friends. The cat chases the dog around the house on a daily basis. It is pretty comical. They may warm up to each other.

  3. I would love them but my husband would not ;) We already have a cat and a dog and tells me all the time that's enough! They sure look sweet though.
    Love the floors and the new table, you are going to make that place amazing!

  4. Oh your new place is shaping up nicely with all your finds, and I hope the cats find a good home. Any chance Bully will relent?

  5. Great new finds. Can't wait to see them all spruced up =)

    Ahh...that's too bad that Bully won't get used to the kitties. =( I hope they find a great home ~ together.

  6. Why don't you give them a chance to all get along, and I hope you don't take them to a shelter that puts animals down! I was raised if you take on an animal it's part of the family and you keep that animal for the rest of its life!

  7. Those are really great pieces. I don't have the artist bone in my body that can see pieces like this and knows what they can become. About the cats, do they have a place in your home that's different from the dogs? A lot of the time they are all on the ground together not giving each other space. Try finding some spaces for the cats up higher so they can all have their own space. There are lots of different things you can do so everyone can enjoy the home together. I hope all works out!

  8. Love the dog although it's not giving us a friendly face.