Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Progress..... :)

This last long lovely weekend, the hubby and  I spent most of it at the newbie:) I'm not a red person. Okay, shoes maybe:) but not my front door. Soooo.....
I made me a trip to The Color Wheel, it's my local Ben Moore paint store:) Jim told me about this fab new paint that just came out. It's a primer and paint in one. It's pricey at $65 a gallon. I was starving and about 5 minutes from suffering from heat stroke- the perfect combination to sucker me into trying this stuff:)  I went with the HC-166 Kendall Charcoal.
And I love it!! I have to say, Jim was right about that stuff! It's amazing paint:) The hubby hung the porch swing that I will not be sitting in until it cools down, which is around Halloween:(
Speaking of having way too much Halloween crap... the hubby spent most of the weekend closing in this little garage. We need the storage! Okay, I need the storage. I have too many seasonal decorations!... said no woman ever!! 
The new garage and the entire inside of the newbie will be painted this week:)
Oh! And the hubby pulled this wall out of the old garage and was about to throw it away. That is until I laid eyes on it and saved it from it's sure death at the landfill.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but the wood is sooo cool! Headboard maybe??
Your thoughts??


  1. i just love that Grey that you choose. Your find looks like a slew of opportunities. I immediately see shelves, signs and ?

  2. Did you say that you're living in a rental? If so, you're lucky to be able to make so many personal changes to the house. You've already made it your own and it looks great!

    1. Hi Kelly! Yes, this is a rental, but it's my son's house:) sooo he's letting his mama do whatever she wants! Lucky me:)

  3. I just had to quit stalking and finally say "hi"! My daughter turned me onto your blog months ago (probably even a year)! I have no idea how she found you, but she loves your neighborhood (she is slightly obsessed with the historical Mesa area).

    I look forward to Tuesdays when I can stop in and see what you have done for the week...wish you posted more often! Your house always looks so welcoming...like if I knocked on your door, you would invite me in for some iced tea! Don't worry, I would never actually do that, lol...but we are practically neighbors (I live in Gilbert)!

    I can't believe that your husband was actually enclosing a garage this past weekend...our temps are still so unbearable to actually get anything done outside! Lucky you!

    Have a great week!

  4. This wall of wood is such a great spot!!!!! I would add a colorful little awning and then build in individual spots for an herb wall!!!!! Have a couple little shelves for, maybe, some wood elves or food fairies - something cute and then make the rest of the cubbies into herb holders. What a perfect spot. Add a nice comfy chair or two and a table to hold drinkies and then sit back and smell your herb garden!
    Can I come by for some lemondade????????

  5. I too am going for lurker to speaking up...LOVE love love your blog and love what you did with your last house and now this new one. Definetly a headboard with the wood and I have the perfect bed in need of this...

  6. I guess I better 'fess up too. I have been lurking and reading and smiling and lusting...............figured I would speak up too.
    Cannot wait to see what you do with this house. What fun to follow along.

  7. Reminds me of a wall in my Grandpa's garage. Just seeing it takes me back. Thank heavens you saved it. Gotta think of something wonderful

  8. And as for the door color...so much better. I have tried red, green, yellow on our front door and just can't get used to it. Neutral here, too. Think neutrals let the plants and flowers pop!

  9. I think we should just call roger ” magic hands”. Its amazing what he can accomplish in a weekend! Love the grey door, dore!

  10. Ahh... you are so lucky to have a handy husband!

  11. Think it would look great as a headboard!!!!

  12. Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing everything that you do. That wall would make a fabulous headboard, that was my first thought.

    I'm new to your blog, although I've been stalking it for some time LOL :)