Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin panic.... :)

I've found myself panicking lately. A lot. About Halloween. It's my favorite holiday in all the land, and all my Halloween goodies are boxed up and living in the garage of the newbie:(
Weeeell......Whilst shopping for stuff COMPLETELY non related to Halloween at Target (isn't that how it always goes?) I came across these masquerade masks and googly eyes and thought.....
Hey! Throw the mask over a fake pumpkin and add googly eyes behind and....
Simple easy HALLOWEEN!!!
Oh, Target also had a package of stick on mustaches that I thought were adorable, so I stuck one on this little fakey pumkin and hot glued some spiders on it for eyes!
So there's my mantle for the next few weeks. Although upon closer investigation of the above pic, I'm seeing that little pumpkin sorta looks like a Halloween turkey with that black thingy behind it!?
 GEEZ!!! I just can't leave well enough alone!!!


  1. So cute and creative! At least you're still able to honor Halloween this year!

  2. How clever!! Easy and fast decorating.

  3. I love the googly eyes & masks! Awesome pumpkins!

  4. Very clever and LOL @ halloween turkey

  5. You just never cease to amaze me by your creativity and cleverness! Awesome!

  6. this is good ideas, i will try to make it