Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pretty as a picture..... :)

I LOVE pretty pictures. I dooo. It makes me happy to spend a foolish amount of time
 perusing the web for prettiness.
The pictures make all the difference in the world I tell ya:)
So let me introduce you to my new fav web stop- Restyle Source.
It's this new amazing website that is pure eye candy. Full of inspiring photos, recipes and information. It's a national guide to local love.
 It's cool. It's where I saw this fab recipe. Check. It. Out:)
Baked eggs in avocado. Sounded easy enough, and I just so happened to have all the ingredients. Ok, I'm totally lying. Who has avocados "on hand" ?? So after a stop at Trader Joe's, I got to work.
You know when you start something with such excitement only to have your happy balloon popped before you even begin? Read on.
Step one. Cut your avocado in half. Uh huh. A really high five to you Trader Joe's for these most awesome avocados!! I've bought me many an avocado in my day, (come on! I'm half mexi remember?) so I know how to pick em. Or so I thought. Grrrrrr!! I was not going to let this get me down! So I kept on. Next step, break the egg into the avocado half....
Over your dirty dishes. Oh what? You spilled on your hands? Just grab a paper towel! Oh, that's right...you don't HAVE ANY!! Grrrrr!!
Oh, and it might have helped to read the entire recipe to know that I should have used mega sized avocados to you know- avoid spillage:(
Next step- sprinkle what avocados you have left with your spices. All whilst glaring at the rotten ones. Grrr!!
Stick em in the oven. Look at my face. I ain't crackin a smile for nothin. Nope.
And how bout this for table decor!!
But I must say, the eggies in avocados looked delish!!
My taste tester Chase happened to come over just as the little lovelies were coming out of the oven.
Despite all the craziness, he said they were gooo- ooood!!
They must have been, he ate all of them:)
Thank you Restyle Source!! 


  1. Looks yummy! We live in Texas, so our avocados are usually stuffed with chicken.

  2. LOVE the “sorry…no…flowers” vases!! I love checking out Restyle Source too!!

  3. OMG I made these for my hubby this past weekend after seeing the recipe on FB and he loved them.

  4. These look really good...gonna try them tonite :)

  5. Yum....you are too funny! no really...fun-ny!