Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reclaimin' it.... :)

Awww! What an awesome blurry pic Dorie!!
I wish I could say that I totally meant to do that to enhance the ugliness but
sadly....I didn't. It's just my pre- shoot fly shoot photo skills and
the only pic I had of the mess that found
it's way to my dining table every. stinkin. day:(
Seriously. We would eat our meals around all this techno crap.
Then came Sunday, and I'd had it with that nonsense!
I decided to carve out a little space for a desk where our two fab
recliners sit.
I moved one recliner to the other side of the couch and brought out
this little sweet desk that I had in the guest bedroom.

Went and did a little shopping in the garage and found these
most cutest of shutters (that I used for a headboard in DP) and hung them
on the sides of the window.
Hello COLOR!! (and my fav at that!)
Our house sits on our lot waay to one side, and oddly close to our neighbor (who I love btw:)
So I hung this picture to kinda add a little privacy:)
Ok, and for cuteness too!
The little table under the window houses the printer:)

And HELLO!! I get my table back!!

Ok, how cute are these dish towels I found at Target for $2.99!
They had others that had strawberries on them and others with asparagus! Sooo cute!!
The water glasses are from FOUND:) and my mama made me the placemats:)
While taking these pics, I noticed the resident photo bomber....

Oh my goodness his face makes me want to eat pancakes!
Did that make any sense to anyone? Anyone??


  1. You are just really talented! Love the shutters and the green that you spread around the room.

  2. I love your changes! The green shutters and picture on the window make a great focal point on that end of the room. We often have stuff on our kitchen table too that we shove to the side to eat our meals. We have other places that the stuff could go, but it seems the table is always a dumping spot for things. I love your photo bomber! He's welcome to "bomb" any of your pictures since I enjoy seeing him.

  3. Great solution! It looks fabulous.....I love the shutters you hung and the picture you added too! Your little pooch is such a cutie pie, I never tire of seeing him in your photos :o)

  4. girl you have some serious skills !!!! LOVE IT !!! Especially the art hung on the window !!!!

  5. I get it! My logic is as follows: your pooch is so sweet and fluffy (like pancakes) that you want to gobble him up (but cannot)...so hence the desire to eat pancakes.

  6. That pup is TOTALLY pancake worthy ;) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shutters. Sorry for all the yelling, I just get excited about Tuesdays ;)

  7. Best.Photo.Bomb.Ever! Your new place is looking more and more like you! Have a good week :)

  8. Best.Photo.Bomb.Ever! Your new place is looking more and more like you! Have a good week :)

  9. Those shutters are brilliant! Gorgeous! Seeing your cute napkins has me all jittery. You see, Target JUST opened here in Canada. I go tomorrow for the first time. I will barely sleep tonight ( and likely my hubby won't either, but more from nightmares of our credit card bill due to Target overload). I just hope there's still some merchandise. Apparently the shelves are stripped bare and they are having a hard time keeping up. Us Canucks have been deprived for too long lol

    1. What? What?? No TARGET??? I'm so excited for you!! I can't imagine life without Target, and soon you'll understand what I'm sayin!!

  10. I get more excited with each pic of every new nook & cranny (don't you just love those words together?) getting finished! Gorgeous! ^ Hey Andrea, congratulations on the Target in Canada...your life will never be the same! If you have it up there, download an app called snip snap! Digital coupons. I saved $28 of a $90 Target bill yesterday! LOVE IT!

  11. I agree with Andrea! Those shutters are perfect and really define the space AND the landscape pic looks like you are looking out to a scenic view. GREAT redo and love the niche! We have laptops that end up being plopped here and there...usually on the kitchen nook table.

    Have a great week!

  12. ....snicker....

    little Bully man....you are precious and now I
    want me some pancakes, too. xx

  13. Love this cozy corner! So enjoy Tuesday Mornings and your blog! Your dog makes my heart melt!

  14. I love the changes and thanks for telling where you found the most cute towels. I want the strawberry ones. Now I need to go to Target. I cracked up when you made that cute statement about your adorable dog.

  15. Oh, I thought you wanted to eat him up....but pancakes??? OOOOOKayyyyy! So happy you got your table back. I try to keep our desk cleared so we can think....but that doesn't go well either. It isn't me, and since their is just the two of us, I wonder who the culprit is????

  16. I love Tuesdays and your little Bullie too! Also really enjoy the photo play by play as you step back and contemplate, then add and tweak as needed. So fun and inspiring! Now I want to go tackle a corner!

  17. your new abode is adorable....I am dying to see MORe!!! and your bully is so stinkin cute! Andrea

  18. I got it! LOL! Such a cute photo bomber
    Nice when you can shop at home and add such nice touches..I adore those shutters!

  19. Loving it! Photo bomber and all

  20. Loving it! Photo bomber and all

  21. OOOOH love the green bird pillow on your couch. Did u buy that local??

    Wendy in Cave Creek

  22. Wow ! What a difference those green shutters make , and hanging the picture too ! Looks beautiful ! And I get what you mean about the pancakes !! What an adorable little photo bomber ! LOVE him !

  23. Make total sense to me. : ) LOVE the shutters!

  24. I'm drooling, those shutters are awesome!!! I missed out on a pair of green shutters a few months ago cause I didn't have the car with the carseat for my girl to drive 2 hours away :( I was so sad but I know I'll come across another pair some day.
    I really need a lil space like that for our laptop too, we prop it up on a coke crate when we've got it plugged into the tv for a movie lol
    and....I love your lil photobomber LOL My fluffy cat does the same thing!

  25. Wow! I didn't know tht green can be THAT beautiful a colour to add into a room. Such beautiful room, it looks like it came straight out of a deco magazine!

  26. I love your use of color. And that is a very precious photobomber you got there. water damage Barton Creek TX