Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ups and downs....:)

Oooooh boy! We finally are officially and legally the proud owners of our dream house.
Long story- owner wanted to do a 1031 land exchange and wanted us to
wait on actually purchasing the house till he was ready. So we rented from him. Then the house didn't appraise...blah blah blah...
But we were NOT going to give up on this ole gal!
So finally on Thursday afternoon, she became ours:)
And by Thursday night we were doing this....
Bye bye nasty dirty carpet!! We always wondered how the stairs actually returned into the house.
You see this house was made into two separate apartments. The downstairs being one and the upstairs another.
The door to the left of the front door leads to the upstairs:)

Tricky! Underneath the carpet was some real cool handiwork!
Problem solved! The second to the last stair has this cute angle
that makes the return into the house!
The door on the left is the door that leads to the inside of the house.
It had been closed and locked since 1975!
The brown door is the front door of the upstairs apartment
that opens to the front porch.
That will become a window:)
But holy beautiful green original painted stairs huh?!
This house was MEANT to be mine!!
I'm really thinking of leaving them in all their chippy glory:)
Theeen, off to the Pasadena Flea Market on Sunday.
Holy unbearable hot weather batman!!
(you gotta love this pic with that lady's arm coming out of my head!!)
It was sooo hot and sticky I couldn't think. Or shop:(
I did however run into my pal Christian and bought a fab bag made
out of an old grain sack that I forgot to take a pic of!
The sweet hubby that he is, took me to this magical place in Huntington Beach.
Uh huh. Flip flop goodness for days.
They really are the best in flippy flops:)
Rio didn't believe me.
Till now. She's hooked:)
Design your own. Yes please! White with green straps
topped with a green rhinestone:)
Oh, and I'll just mention that it's 9:30 and I'm
blogging from Starb's. The wi fi at the beach house we're
stayin at aint so fab:(
(yes, that's Rio's eyebrow totally photobombing my pic:)
So that's the ups and downs for the week!
All ups really:)
We'll be sadly saying goodbye to the beach on Thurs, but happily saying
hello to our house and hammers that await us at home!!


  1. The color on those stairs really is amazing. I agree, that house was meant for you! Looks like y'all are already bringing it back to life and giving it some much needed TLC. I love the old doors in your house. They have so much character and add so much charm to your home.

  2. Wow, how lucky for you that the original steps were still intact under all that brown carpeting!!! The color is AMAZING.... I would want to keep it too!

  3. Happy Tuesday!! Dorie, you betcha that the house was meant to be yours. Holy-Moly, those stairs are fab! Just use a clear sealant on the paint and leave them green. Perfectly imperfect! As for So-Cal beating you up with the hotness, I am wilting like a limp noodle up here in Central Cali. Do share with us your flip flops! I'd have to buy several.

    Oh, btw, I have a picture of our father by our front door, too. Love our father!!!


  4. Dorie, I've been following your blog for a couple of years now, but this is my first comment. Love your style and that you were right in my backyard (sorta....we live in Old Towne Orange). Can't wait to see what you do with your new house!! Also, do you have an instagram account?

    1. Hello!
      I don't have an instagram for Tuesday's yet. Guess I better get busy!? Thank you for reading:)

  5. Love your post. Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas to come. Have a beautiful and creative day....Chickie

  6. Love your post. Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas to come. Have a beautiful and creative day....Chickie

  7. Congrats on your new old house!

  8. I love your new old quirky home. :)

  9. That is a great color on the stairs. It will be fun watching all of your improvements. Love your style. I'm going to have to check out the flip flops.

  10. When's the open house party?

  11. LOVE the stairs!!!! I wish I were more confident in the DIY projects. So envious of all the fabulousness that you and your hubby accomplish! Can't wait to see more. :)


  12. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing the love you shower all of your projects with :) I am also dying to shop at Sweet Salvage and Found!

  13. Still have not made it to that flea market...definitely on my "to do" list! I have to say though, I am drooling over that Havaianas store...I have no idea how you pronounce them, but their flip flops ROCK! Just bought a new pair yesterday! How fun to custom design...I would be in Heaven!

    Can't wait to see the progress of your new house as it unfolds!