Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crazy.... :)

So are you ready for the bathroom reveal??
Yeah, me too.
But this is as good as it's going to get for now.
Why you ask? Oh let me just pan out a little and show you....
Phase 1 reno has begun!! I stepped out for about an hour and came home to this!!
 I knew the reno was
going to be starting soon, I just didn't think THIS soon!!!
Ok and truth be told- LOOK at this hideousness!!!!!
This first coat of paint had me in full on hysterics:(
What the? What the what? What. in. the. world. was. I. thinking??
Clearly I wasn't.
(I won't even enlarge the pic for you. Uh huh. It's that bad.)
The hubby said what he always says-
I told you so!!  We'll fix it:)
So I decided to wallpaper this bathroom, but now that
the kitchen reno is in full swing, it doesn't make sense to cute up
the bathroom that's going to be undergoing a reno too. So wallpaper
is on hold for a bit. And so is my sanity.
I honestly feel like I'm going crazy and I'm one bad decision away
from pulling a Britney!
So here's where we're at. The current kitchen is on the left. After being in this house for a while now,
we realized it made waaay more sense to move the kitchen to the right, where there were these
two bedrooms. It's just bigger,brighter and has better windows.
(totally busted Chase checkin out the "lighting") hee hee hee!!!
How cute was this original wallpaper!!??
And just LOOK at those fab (and abused) original ceilings!!

 The little door on the right goes into the (now defaced by hideous paint) bathroom.
 It will be filled in and the
cute little door will be used upstairs:)
Those stinkin lights are EVERYWHERE!!!
Here is the hubby salvaging the most beautiful doors that
will become our new master bedroom doors!
(and he too is checking out the "light") haahaaaaa!!!

And no post would be complete without L.B.
Doesn't his face say it all??
It's a little crazy around here!!!
Craaaazy GOOD!!


  1. Holy Moly Lady, you are full on under Reno!! May your sanity stay with you, although you don't even have a bathroom to take a time out in...ha ha
    p.s. puppy cuteness made me smile!

  2. Wowzers! I can't wait to see the progress!

  3. You made me smile and laugh, thank you as usual.

  4. Oh, Little Bully...hang in there!

  5. Men! Always checking the boobs! lol! So excited for your renovations! It is going to look amazing!

  6. I have two boobs in my entryway......lol. Now I am sitting here looking at them and thinking, "no wonder my hubby had to have theeeeeeese!" I will find a replacement....and soon. ha!

    Little Bully, Mr. M., your home will be back together soon. Just have your mom put one of those blue paper masks on you to spare you from the dust.

    Looking forward to the results!

  7. That red looks like what my husband kept saying he wanted in our living room!!! :/ I finally decided I would do one wall and he would see how hideous it looked. When he came home he tried to blame it on bad paint chip. Ha Then he said "do whatever you want, just get rid of that!" Mission accomplished. Oh, poor Bully. He's thinkin "wth???"

  8. Oh......my.........goodness! How do you live in that while your renovations are going on? I guess you're the perfect person to do it since it's in your blood! I know it's going to look amazing once you're done. It always does.

  9. Oh boy! Massive work going on....but I am pretty sure it will turn our really nice soon...so looking forward to the final look...will be waiting to see what magic you are gonna do :P

  10. When you decide to renovate you don't just talk about it...you dive right in!
    Still laughing about those dang boob lights!

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