Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oranges Poranges..... :)

There's a chance I'm going crazy. I blame the oatmeal walls around here.
I mean, I love to eat me some oatmeal! Juuust don't want to live in it!!
I've been telling my sis that I'm realizing I have this little hidden down deep
love of orange. I found this blanky and pillows whilst perusing
the aisles of TJ the other night.
I love them:) They give that perfect punch of color to all my green:)

I ordered a swatch of this fabric. I'm thinkin I might use it for my living room?  

So since I can't paint anywhere else in the house yet, I'm going to tackle our
insane asylum downstairs bathroom .
I mean come on! doesn't this bathroom scream adorable?!
No. It doesn't. It just screams.

I found this Behr color called Desert Coral,
and I'm gonna go for it!

I ordered this shower curtain from Pottery Barn. I think the black and white
stripes might calm down the orange?
Pics of the finished bathroom next week! 


  1. No doubt you'll make it just perfect. I think coral is a flattering color.

  2. I have always loved orange-live in florida so the orange-y/citrus colors are
    so wonderful! I don't have much orange in my house so your post is inspiring
    to say the least! I do want to add some orange to brighten up my Living room, also.
    I am a green color lover, too. I have been phasing out ocean hues and blues and adding
    greens, pale and bright...sorry Pantone-no emerald here. But I love your greens and the
    way you add subtle shades of green furniture. Every Tuesday I read your posts!

  3. Hi Dorie,
    There's one other colour that I love and it's ORANGE. The bathroom going to look special
    Kind Regards

  4. I have an orange laundry room. I think the painter thought I was nuts and I am. The electrician thought I was nuts when I had him hang the crystal chandelier in there as well and this was about 20 years ago! You will love the color in the bathroom. I'm curious as to how the shower curtain will look. All I could think of was Halloween, but you love that holiday so it will probs be all good:)

  5. I love all of the orange pops! That shower curtain is adorable!!!
    Grass sure doesn't grow under YOUR feet! Looking forward to the outcome!


  6. I LOVE orange...can't wait to see how this turns out!!

  7. I love the introduction of the orange into your mostly green colour scheme! That fabric is going to look amazing :)

  8. I have this shower curtain in my master bath and I LOVE it!!!!! -Megan

  9. I wished they have Pottery Barn in Asia!

  10. Love the orange. I am curious, what color bath towels will you use with that color combo?
    Can't wait to see the the finished room. ~ Pam

    1. White. Always white. I use white towels because I can bleach them, and they always look crisp and fresh:)

  11. That is going to be purty.

  12. What a juicy pop of color! It will be so cute and totally you! Do you have any tried and true tips for prepping a house to sell? Some of the advice out there is so contradictory (lose all the personal touches but it's supposed to look "lived in"). Should I put all our real stuff in storage? I'll focus on your new bathroom instead :) Have a good week!

    1. Hey Stacy! I'm gonna send you an email right now:)

    2. Dorie, I had to change my settings...so if you tried to email me sorry :( It should be good now.

  13. Orange is great for decorating. It's like sunshine and candy on your walls. That fabric is awesome. I have some chairs I want to redo and I might do something bold like that. It's very pretty. water damage Franklin Square NY

  14. That bathroom screams potential!!! I can't wait to see the finished room!

    As for the white towels in the bath- I totally agree! Nothing beats a fluffy white towel! With 4 kids, I did finally have to give up and hang a brown hand towel in the powder room though. Bleach can only take you so far ;)

    Hooray for orange!

  15. Hey
    wow its such a beautiful idea and yes Orange is really great for decorating.