Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super.... :)

So this last week I took my sweet nieces to see Man of Steel.
Two. Thumbs. Down.
There's a chance I would have enjoyed spending those 2 hours and 28 minutes
that I will never get back in my life watching Buns of Steel!!
Ugh! Where was the love story??
Lois Lane is a brunette-duh!!
And red glittered boots?? Embarrassing.
This here, is the real Man of Steel. I mean what girl can forget when
he takes Lois on a date flying all around the place??
Not this sappy Pisces girl, I'll tell ya that!!
And those eyes.... :)
So this newest version of Superman was to me...
Super lame:(
What's not super lame??
This recipe for a fab smoothie that- after drinking it will leave  you feeling like Superwoman.
This here concoction is a favorite of ours. We make it allll the time:)
The cast of characters:
Spinach (about a handful)
Flax milk (about 1/2 cup) or whatever milk/juice you got
Hemp hearts (about 2 Tbsp.) *fab source of protein:)
Peanut Butter (about a heaping Tbsp)*I buy the honey peanut butter for extra sweet:)
Cinnamon (a couple shakes)
A whole ripe banana (peeled of course) *when your bananas start to overripe, I like to peel them and freeze them in chunks, makes for the best cold smoothies!
Flax seeds ( a couple spoonfuls) * it adds such a great nutty flavor:)
A handful of ice
Stick all that goodness in your blender and li-qui-fy!!
And here you have it:)
Super healthy.
Super yummy:)
Let me know if you give it a try!!


  1. I always want to try those drinks, but they are so....green! (I know you love that colour, but drinking it?) Can I sub out the green for bananas and strawberries? ;) Just wanted you to know that I look forward to Tuesdays because of your blog. I love starting my day here :)

    1. Ok, here's the crazy thing. You don't taste the spinach! AT ALL!! This drink is weirdly tasty!! I promise you will like it! Anybody that I've ever made it for is pleasantly surprised!! Dooooo it!! :)

    2. Okay....I'll give it a go ;) You are so enthusiastic!! ;)

  2. Oh we really liked the new Superman movie! I mean, obvi nobody will ever be able to come close to Christopher's Superman, but for what it was, it was fun. But then again, I am just a sucker for a superhero movie! I love them all! I love the action, the costumes, the corny dialogue...all of it! You kind of have to look at all these remakes as unto themselves. Comparing will only leave you disappointed. Free your mind!

  3. My 14 year old went to see the movie with a friend today and he also thought it was lame. I really need to get brave and try one of these green smoothies!

  4. wellllll.....

    I won't be going to see the man of steel.....maybe rent it cheap at red box...maybe.
    I prefer a good chick flick any day.

    Now for the drink...where on earth do you buy the hemp? Do I need a medical card for it?

    It sounds wonderful..so hook a sister up as to where you get the ingredients. Trader Joe's maybe?

    Have a healthy and green week. :)))))))

    Hugs to Bullie! Does he get the green drink?


    1. I buy the hemp at Sprouts here in Az. I'm not sure if Trader Joes carries it? You can find it at Whole Foods too:)

  5. I love the new superman movie. Henry is from my home the island of Jersey (a 5 by 9 mile island) We are all very proud of him.

  6. I liked it strictly for the new hot Superman. It was long and just ok, however my 9 year old loved it. So action for him and eye candy for me, it worked.