Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Underneath it all.... :)

I'm a window gal. I love 'em. I'd rather have them than wall space:)
Well this week my beloved old windows were all covered up
because they were painting outside (yay!!).
 We went with choice #3. Providence Olive by Benjamin Moore:)

Honestly I was about to go insane. It felt like solitary confinement.
And solitary and me aren't a good thing!!

There was ONE window left untouched...and check out the view.

Lord have mercy. When we bought this house we knew instantly
that it wasn't originally a stucco house. It just didn't make
sense with the stucco being flush with the window trim.
So we decided to do some investigatin'...
And lo and behold!!!
Feast your eyes on this gorgeousness!!
We are actually able to rescue the ceiling, and re-install the battens
on the house:)
We also discovered that these weren't the original columns either!!
(I swear a house will talk to you, if you just give it a listen)
We think maybe these were built because the others were rotted?
Who knows. What we DO know is...
They are supposed to look like my neighbors columns. A base with a taper.
The footprint from the original one was still there:)

Sooo,we are putting them back in:) We're both happy girls:)

And I KNOW all you "kitchen triangle" people will sleep soundly tonight.
The fridge got moved:)

What didn't get moved? My hoard. Nope. Nothin.
It's still sitting out there waiting for the tag sale fairy to
come and sort it all out:) Sooo, the ole sale ain't a happenin'
this weekend. Sorry to disappoint:(
I'm thinkin maybe the next? or next?
Ugh...I'll let ya know:)

***Oh, and Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams. The guy who makes
so much of this ol' blog happen. The one and only...


  1. I love how you are returning the exterior to it's original charming self! Cannot wait to see how those columns look and your lovely paint choice :)

  2. Wow you guys don't miss a beat!! I love it, the outside and the fridge finding it's new home. (I'm signing as anonymous, because I can't remember my password!) That's what happens when you work on an old house for 15 years! Mary Ann

  3. How exciting Dorie! The battens back on the house?! That will look marvelous! I'm so excited for all the progress you are making, and I LOVE the color you chose. I love Tuesday mornings.....look forward to them each and every week!

  4. Everytime you move I think I can't possibly love the next place as much as the last, but I do! Looking beautiful as always!

  5. WOW... why would someone cover that up? Looks great ~ can't wait to see the new paint.

    Happy Birthday to The Hubby!!


  6. looks great so far! can't wait to see it finished!

  7. Can I come and play tag fairy at your house? ;-)
    Wish our downsizing was going as smoothly as your remodel.
    It looks amazing!

  8. Dorie, I was hoping you were doing the tag sale this weekend. I loved your last sale! I love your windows but will be on a teen retreat the next two weekends. Any chance you can part with them sooner?

  9. found this - http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/providenceolive - i have used this resource and love the help it gives me in coordinating. have fun!!!

  10. It just keeps getting better and better! The columns and the board and batten...really?! I am so anxious to see the final look!

  11. Dorie, How are you liking your new refrigerator--functionality/style? My hubby and I are considering buying the same one, but I'm still not 100%. I'd like to hear your feedback--does it have enough space inside for you guys? . Thanks!


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